Can women drive? Woman driver wins Argentina 1962 rally in her mercedes-benz 220 SE


the swedish ewy rosqvist (and her co-driver – not shown – ursula wirt).


the mercedes-benz 220 SE.


not the cuban missile crisis: but the two blondes from scandinavia who dominated the headlines.

here is to women drivers, not in saudi arabia, but in argentina in 1962:

“before the start, the newspapers still somewhat ridiculed the fact that a women’s team were setting out on the marathon rally through argentina. when rosqvist and wirth chalked up a victory on the first stage, their success was soon praised as a respectable achievement. however, when the duo then also won the second stage, there was no more holding back and the swedish women were wildly celebrated by the country’s media. the state of the nation at that time was captured in the german language newspaper “freie presse”, which was published in buenos aires: “it was not the cuban missile crisis, but rather the two blondes from scandinavia who dominated the headlines in the country’s daily newspapers. the entire country excitedly celebrated the outstanding victory of the mercedes-benz women’s team in south america’s tough long-distance rally. proof that women actually can drive, and drive well… just as long as they are blond and don’t live in saudi arabia. by dd

Nouvelle Vague in fragments


this is actually not from the films, but hell it looks great… this is not a love song!


jean seberg in jean-luc goddard’s breathless.

a nice collage from the various JLG earlier films, a woman is a woman, breathless, and the like. this is godard in fragments from criterion collection. enjoy. by sv