Marbles and music : childhood memories made into catchy tunes


most of us played with marbles at least one afternoon growing up. maybe it’s just me but i never once thought of ways to create music or be more creative with my marbles than simply hitting other marbles. which makes you think, creative is a funny word… well, maybe not funny, but definitely something that has a different meaning to all of us. scavenging through the internet, you lose faith in innovative creativity more often than the contrary. however, last night this man blessed my mind with 4 minutes and some change of pure creative bliss.

“the good thing about sweden in winter is that the sun sets early – which gives you plenty of time to lock yourself in the garage and do whatever” – martin molin, marble machine creator

many questions inevitably pops in to mind watching this lone man’s musical journey driven by creativity and two thousand marbles… oh, and sun deprivation of course. by fk