Pier Paolo Pasolini and the scissor sisters: invisible light

pet shop boys? frankie goes to hollywood? relax… it’s the scissor sisters. not a fan of the band nor the song but the video references to pasolini & bunuel are awesome and unexpected for such a pop video. some nice moments and a nice enough girl mireia contreras. produced by canada, director nicholas mendez. by dd

Birth, fish, bubble, sex, needle, and death… have we intrigued you enough?

a beautifully curious film…

directed by cyrille de vignemont

as a music video for poni hoax (antibodies) the french electro band

featuring controversial diptych of fish/birth, needle/skin and my favorite; naked ikura!


poni hoax antibodies music video

a beautifully curious film for an otherwise not so interesting lyrics and mediocre track. a good reminder of how great talent can make anything ordinary into something extra ordinary. the visuals are so curious they draw you in, but they are not just sensationalist fodder, they begin to align and draw parallels in your mind, the needle that begs to penetrate that floating balloon, the fish gasping for air, and saturn devouring its children… like any good piece of literature or film, what they all mean is up to interpretation, so let it all sink in. the world needs more of this and less of byonce’s silly rhetoric and infantile erotic choreography. the above clip reminds us of another great video we wrote about, perhaps one of our favorite music videos for yet another mediocre band; scissor sisters. you may want to check that out as well, your welcome to turn the sound off. by xy

director nicholas mendez on pasolini

ok don’t kill me for the 16 image post but im obsessing over nicholas mendez film. it’s like a cliff notes on pasolini and may i say it’s more successfully disturbing than the film itself because of its very sporadic, short clips. not sure i’ve seen another music video as effectively lingering as this. like to meet nicholas for a coffee one day and i’m sure ill be visiting pasolini on the screen again soon. by dd