the ipês house


the design of a floating box with well-defined edges and perfect symmetry seems to be popular with designers across the globe as we are seeing homes with similar design take shape in most of europe, latin america and the us. that does not mean that each of them stops adding their own individual touch as the ipês house in sao paulo, brazil showcases. while the home itself looks like a beautiful floating box cast in concrete and wood, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

ipes-house-sao paulo- brazil-modern-architecture-pool-daytime

designed by marcio kogan’s StudioMK27, the home is pretty much a perfect template for anyone who wishes to build a contemporary house that is both sophisticated and an absolute dream to live in. the ipês house looks like a giant concrete block floating over a dreamy glass base and this is achieved by the balanced use of concrete, wood and glass on the exterior, while the interiors remain spacious and light.

ipes-house-sao paulo- brazil-modern-architecture-interior

ipes-house-sao paulo- brazil-modern-architecture-best-wine-cellar

ipes-house-sao paulo- brazil-modern-architecture-pool-dusk

ipes-house-sao paulo- brazil-modern-architecture

the wooden folds that can be opened and closed at your will give the bedrooms in the top floor all the privacy that they need and also allow for ample natural ventilation during daytime. neutral shades and the use of grays ensure that the interiors are chic and fashionable, with décor being kept uncomplicated and elegant. the design of the pool also complements the basic structure beautifully, while the ample patio space allows you to kick back and put your feet up after a long day’s work. (source: decoist)  by kgb

my first fictional crush


catcher-in-the-rye-front-cover copy

if you went through young adulthood or college without reading this, then i feel very sorry for you. holden caulfield is by far one of the most fascinating characters in fictional literature… and i find him quite appealing. i would have dated him at the time that i first read it. take the weekend to get to your favorite bookstore and catch up on what you missed. by kgb

léos carax: monsieur merde in tokyo


a crazy and impressive short film by carax. not much unlike david lynch (double negate), leos carax seems to play by his own rules. the films are open ended and sometimes frustrating as they do not result in any intelligible conclusion, but one has to admire the madness and creativity backed by such massive effort to make films that simply can not possibly sell tickets at the box office. its reassuring that there are others out there who give little “merde” about money and what the general public sees as success… i highly recommend seeing this little french film, dedicated to tokyo with love.

a little “intelligible” review: “merde (french for “shit”) is the name given to an unkempt, gibberish-spewing subterranean creature of the tokyo sewers, played by denis lavant, who rises from the underground lair where he dwells to attack unsuspecting locals in increasingly brazen and terrifying ways: he steals cash and cigarettes from passersby, frightens old women and salaciously licks schoolgirls, resulting in a televised media frenzy that creates mounting hysteria among the tokyo populace. after discovering an arsenal of hand grenades in his underground lair, merde slips into full-on assault mode, hurling the munitions at random citizens and creating a godzilla-like atmosphere of urban terror, which the media promptly laps up and reflects back to its equally voracious television audience. enter pompous french magistrate maître voland (jean francois balmer) — a dead ringer for the sewer creature’s gnarled and twisted demeanor — who arrives in tokyo to represent merde’s inevitable televised trial, claiming to be one of only three in the world able to speak his client’s unintelligible language. the media circus mounts as lawyer defends client in a surreal court of law hungry for a satisfying resolution. merde is tried, convicted and sentenced to death — until justice takes an unexpected turn.” by uh

more days like this

ok fall, were ready for you

hallelujah! new yorkers are being treated to a nice chill in the air. i say bring it on!

while this summer’s scorch was not as bad for nyc as everyone thought it would be, i feel as though i have experienced enough stickiness for my first summer in the city. i am ready, pre-labour day, for this chill in the air. don’t get me wrong, i love the heat, but i don’t like summer clothing options as much. i long for my fall wardrobe. it’s my best dressed season. i pull it off better (not afraid to admit that i know that.) have you thought about what your best sartorial season is? do tell.

there is only so much black you can wear in the summer…

who’s with me? by kgb

simon del desierto

simon of the desert still 001

simon of the fesert still 002

silvia penal sits at the bottom of the pillar, taunting simon of the desert, temptress that she is! bunuel’s succinct mockery of religion (one amongst many) is a must-see for all you i-don’t-know-what-i-believe-rs. learn a lesson from the surrealist master! by sv

1962 ferrari GTO 250 berlinetta: the most expensive car in the world

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, s/n 3851GT

1962 ferrari 250 GTO berlinetta (3851GT) auctioned by bonham, estimated to fetch $50 million. the original before being restored after a crash was grey with red, white and blue center stripes closer to this one below.



here’s a bit on the story of the infamous GTO… “the most expensive car in the world, expected to fetch over $50 million at auction this week… all told, just 39 examples of this voluptuous coupe were produced. all were built to race, but were theoretically usable on the street by virtue of sports-racing rules that required road versions of competition cars. that regulation, in fact, gave rise to the car’s name: gran turismo omologato — a GT homologated, or sanctioned, for racing. this was partially a white lie by mister enzo ferrari, but read on to see…

race it did–propelling ferrari to the championship in 1962, 1963, and 1964.

surprisingly, the ferrari 250 GTO could be said to owe its existence to britain’s jaguar. in march 1961, ferrari sales manager girolamo gardini watched jaguar unveil the e-type at the geneva motor show and returned to modena, sounding the alarm. “gardini was going around the factory, telling everyone ‘they are going to beat us with their new GT,’” engineer giotto bizzarrini recalled.

surprisingly, the ferrari 250 GTO could be said
to owe its existence to britain’s jaguar below


once gardini convinced ferrari of the urgency, enzo instigated a full-court press. bizzarrini was put in charge of the project and operating in complete secrecy; he handpicked several workers and technicians outside normal ferrari circles. bizzarrini’s starting point was the ferrari 250 GT SWB, which he helped develop. a passion for aerodynamics and proper weight distribution caused him to relocate the entire engine behind the front axle. this improved weight balance for better handling while allowing him to create a lower, more-aerodynamic hood line. a new steeply-raked windshield and a hand-formed fastback completed the silhouette.

an intense trial and error period distinguished the prototype’s development. enzo was on the shop floor daily, pushing the men to speed up. bizzarrini’s group worked around the clock, seven days a week. he recalled the many midnight phone calls, the voice on the line telling him, “ingengere, the car is ready for testing.” bizzarrini would drag himself out of bed and, with no regard for hour or weather, complete another series of tests. in september 1961, the prototype was taken to the monza racetrack near milan for its first real tests. an SWB was brought along for comparison. the ferrari GTO was consistently several seconds faster a lap than the ferrari 250 SWB, bizzarrini remembered. two months later, bizzarrini became embroiled in “the walkout.” he found himself on the outside of ferrari, along with fellow engineer carlo chiti, sales manager gardini, and a handful of others.

ferrari promoted mauro forghieri, a young engineer, to complete the ferrari 250 GTO’s development, with stalwart sergio scaglietti assigned to refine the body. in the process, the tail was fitted with a small rear spoiler, as found on the new midengine ferrari 246 SP. the ferrari 250 GTO proved a design pinnacle for front-engine race cars. its 2953cc V-12 featured ferrari testa rossa heads and larger valves, and was topped with an impressive row of six double-barrel weber carburetors. a five-speed transmission replaced the SWB’s four speed. the interior was unusually well-turned-out for a car intended for the track, being roomy and dressed up with chrome-trimmed gauges. indeed, the ferrari 250 GTO’s qualification for GT-class competition revealed much about enzo ferrari’s gamesmanship. the FIA allowed body modifications to already-homologated production cars. ferrari successfully positioned the 250 GTO as simply a modified-body 250 GT SWB. thus, he slipped this limited-production purpose-built competition coupe into a class meant for volume-built sports cars. it was a wolf among lambs.

the first one was sent to florida for the 1962 running of the 12 hours of sebring. phil hill and olivier gendebien won the GT class, and finished second overall. GTOs thereafter were a fixture in the winner’s circle and among the top ten. outright victories came in england at goodwood and in france at auvergne and monthlery, where GTOs took four of the top five spots. at le mans, jean guichet and pierre noblet won the GT class and finished an astounding second overall, their 113.077-mph (182.673km/h) average bettered only by the winning ferrari 330 LM’s 115.245 mph (185.469km/h). other GTOs came in third and sixth on distance. additional second-place finishes that year were turned in at nurburgring and at bidgehampton in america. for ’65, weary rulesmakers doubled the allowable engine displacement in its class, neutralizing the ferrari 250 GTO as a consistent podium threat. this was ferrari’s last successful front-engine race car, and an uncompromised classic.”  by ac

GENESIS: The Messenger Part 1 of many…


another film by the dynamic duo santiago and mauricio sierra featuring model frida gustavsson. be prepared to travel in your mind. deciphering this will not be easy but its a feast for your tired and broken eyes. your layman’s review of the clip will go something like this;

“in a dark industrial future world, frida is dead… her wicked coffin is designed by xavier veilhan. we then peak inside and find that frida lays there bare and rather oiled in fetal position. not a bad way to die…. (as a matter of fact that’s exactly how i plan to go). the machines switch on. pistons pound and wheels and gears churn. freda senses her calling from inside the coffin. she is evidently aroused by the noise and the machines as her nipples extend to the heavens. a diaphragm opens and closes. a piston pounds again. are these the machines inside her, powering her moves? or are they her sexual memories? freda leaves her womb like coffin and floats in mid air naked. she is scanned by a giant scanner. she twitches as if a shock of electricity was streamed into her vains. suddenly she opens her eyes. she is alive again! and now she is dressed… sort of nicely in heel and all (?). we scan her again. her memory is retained, she stretches her neck in one yoga move. she smirks and laughs… she is ready for something but what… find out…”

ts teams assessment; you can’t really loose with a pretty naked girl and a pair of talented boys. we will probably like what ever they will do. by xy

Leos Carax’s boy meets girl with a young Denis Lavant



what genius! i think this is one of the first, if not “the” first movie with denis lavant–the contortionist and multi-talented french actor. most recently, levant was featured in carax’s holy motors. i want to see all his films; they’re like finding gold in the toilet of a run down congolese restaurant… just better. by uh


joy division atmopshere handwritten

a handwritten draft by mr. ian curtis; penned lyrics to the hauntingly magnificent joy division song, atmosphere. it will certainly always be one of my favorites. by sv