henri matisse the cut outs

henri matisse’s show at moma new york opened on october 12th and will be up till feb 8th. the cut outs which we all know so well take on a different life when seen up close. i saw the show in a fly by visits, but going to see it again this weekend. highly recommended. more info here. also check out the robert gober piece’s which is why we went there initially… by uh

marble surfboards: mollusk, spaulings, hayden cox or alexander wang?

above: surf art not fashion

“the marble surfboards above were part of the belgian marbles show produced by the reena spaulings gallery; made of marble, they are precise copies of boards from the mollusk surf shop in brooklyn. spaulings is with an international group of artists who call themselves the bernadette corporation; the collective has produced films, a faux fashion label, albums, even a novel.” the surf boards are just a hobby on the side.

above: fashion not surf art

“haydenshapes founder hayden cox, has taken the artful practice and elevated it even further with a recent collaboration with fashion designer alexander wang.” hmmm im perhapse too lazy to research this given its god damn winter, but is this one-and-the-same? or some blatant rip-off festival?

tim coppens + common projects

we got your “designer high tops” right here (by the way its terms like this that makes us puke at design in general). but we do like this one. tim coppens latest digs for common projects riffs on the CPs signature tournament style. they’re made from slick navy leather, have black arch panels, and are lined in soft beige leather you see on the back. $611 and available at matches fashion dot com.


rene metge bernard giroux range rover: paris dakar 1981

attention all 5 of you slotcar geeks. MSC competition just sent through photos of their all-new africa legends’ range rover that won the 1981 paris to dakar race. the original range rover that became the legend – JE motors

the MSC competition range rover slotcar features a new 4-wheel-drive mechanism and can be raced on any analog 1:32 track

digital chips can potentially be embedded with some scalpels

the drivers hard at work. built based on the first edition range rover with the iconic headlamps

easy does it… here it is before diddy rode one, and before the unfortunate xenon tail and headlights came into vogue

and the beautiful easy back. they just ruined it from there on…

not sure who is still interested in slotcars but we are… and theres good news… MSC competition has just released their all-new africa legends’ range rover that raced in the 1981 paris to dakar. this makes it the only original series range rover produced for slotscar tracks. until now your only option was the later model (series 2 range rover) featured in that lame james bond movie. lets go back to 1981 for a second. 1981 was only the 3rd time in history of the dakar race, and this range rover was driven by bernard giroux and rené metge (see them inside with the map?). what’s special about this historic car release is that it features the all new MSC dakar chassis which looks awesome on any tracks.

huge drop arm, full suspension and 4WD – detail levels on the resin cast body looks quite acceptable and accurately reflect the tough look and shape of the original range rover series 1. however the green gear wheel sticking out from the original renault chasis is bit of a disappointment and we think this could have been treated in a more elgant manner. but that aside, if you are also a geek… like us… or simply a fan of the original range rover, you’ll enjoy reading this and if you want to put this little one to test you can advance order yours here for 149£. we’d love to get one and test it out next to our citroen 2CV. by uh

punk love

around the bunker, we blogging bandits have already started talking about holiday gifting. it is my pleasure to kick off this season with one very expensive yet necessary item, the punk vase by laurence brabant. anyone who is a tomorrow started fan may deliver one to a secret, but convenient new york city location. and then we will blog about you.

Punk_vase_by_laurence_brabant 03

“a fresh and interesting interpretation of the vase, laurence brabant redefines the typology with the punk vase and infuses the common glass object with subtle twists and intricate details. the sinuous, blown glass form of the vase is penetrated along its axis eight times with deep impressions into the glass that angle downward to hold water and a stem, resulting in an innovative display of floral. the simple yet refined glass object is indicative of brabant’s oeuvre; age-old glass techniques are utilized to create compelling versions of standard objects that are suitable for a modern lifestyle. made in france” described by the source  by kgb


paint me a zebra

friday zebra facts… just because: no animal has a more distinctive coat than the zebra. each animal’s stripes are as unique as fingerprints—no two are exactly alike—although each of the three species of zebras has its own general pattern. do you know why do zebras have stripes at all? scientists aren’t sure, but many theories center on their utility as some form of camouflage. the patterns may make it difficult for predators to identify a single animal from a running herd and distort distance at dawn and dusk not mention completely disorient a predator that attempts to hone-in on one is a running mess of B&W stripes. or that B&W is so in this season. or they may dissuade insects that recognize only large areas of single-colored fur or act as a kind of natural sunscreen. because of their uniqueness, stripes may also help zebras recognize one another. by xy

new yorkers for japan: new yorker magazine

anna – model

christopher korey – stylist

ucef hanjani – creative director

ashlee ownes – fashion blogger

dashiel brahmann – designer

vassili di napoli – kuboraum

one has to wonder what brings these people to this city and onto japans new yorkers. i think new york is the one place that you can be anyone or anything, dress up or down, be a fool or a fox and yet, you can walk around completely unnoticed… unless by a few street photographers like wataru bob shimosato… so go ahead, do what you please, cause everyday is halloween in NYC… by ar