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untitled XIX, 2015, 1 of 16 from “a lexicon of paisley” – by leonora hamill: mixed media collage, printed matter and jacquard fabric, 25 x 31 cm, unique

love the series by our artist/photographer friend leonora hamill, currently on display in london at the podbielski contemporary. “a lexicon of paisley” is a series of twenty-six collages that constitute a visual index of the paisley motif. the works return to the persian origins of the motif called botehwhich encapsulates a variety of botanical forms. against a backdrop spanning the british industrial revolution, the napoleonic era and the summer of love, the series pays homage to paisley fabrication techniques as well as to early photographic processes. it evokes the simultaneous conflict and symbiosis between east and west, past and present, and craftsmanship and manufacturing processes. podbielski contemporary somerset house, strand, london WC2R 1LA. if you are there check it out. by uh

marcel dzama at the new york city ballet

marcel dzama ballet 3

marcel dzama ballet ballet 2

marcel dzama ballet ballet

very excited to attend the “the most incredible thing” at the new york city ballet this saturday that features scenography and costumes by the artist marcel dzama. if you dont know the artist make sure to look up his work and check out the short feature above. by kt

Nameless paints






ima moteki, a design duo in japan, has just created a set of nameless paints that aim to completely change the way children learn and think about color. instead of using color names, each white tube of paint is labelled with an “equation” showing which primary colors, and in what proportions, were used to make the color inside.

the designers, yusuke imai and ayami moteki, believe that color labels are problematic. “by not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them,” said imai.

in addition to rejecting labels, the paints also teach color theory. the equations on the paint tubes help children understand some of the basic concepts behind color theory and how to mix and create new colors. by lb

Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen satelite

“nonfunctional satellites” – 2013

placing these higly reflective sculptures into low-earth orbit would create a visible “sculpture” in the night sky

Trevor Paglen classified satellites.

“The Other Night Sky” – 2007

project to track and photograph classified American satellites

Trevor Paglen code names

“code names of the surveillance state” – 2001 to present

ongoing list of classified military and intelligence programs

Trevor Paglen drone

Untitled (Reaper Drone) 2010

photographs of surveillance drones

paglen talking about some of his work


following up on our snowden post, here is one on trevor paglen, a new york based artist documenting the surveillance society. his work was featured in the must see documentary “citizenfour” and he has previously been showing at sfmoma, tate modern and walker art center among others. paglen is now showing at metro pictures in new york until october 24th. by kt

art history lesson for average fashion folks


robert smithson nonsite earthworks 1969


james turrell indigos 1979


michael heizer  boulders 1967


mary miss earthworks 1978

Observatory-Robert Morris-art

observatory by robert morris 1974


bauhaus master herbert bayer 1968 very little was known about his earthworks by the general publicmaya-lin-phillip-lim-fashion-week-NYFW-2015

architect maya lin’s installation for phillip lim’s fashion week show – NYFW 2015

we actually love the gestural installation for philip lim’s show and well gladly take that over any old runway/catwalk… but before we all run out and comment “that’s awesome” on instagram, it would be good to understand a bit of the history and where it came from. thanks to the internet, we create very little new content, its the curse of our generation, and we, ourselves, are guilty of that many folds. its simply too easy to just regurgitate what has been there. and the info is so readily available in cliff notes version. but the least we can do is to study the things that attract us just a bit, and understand what came before us. if nothing, when we want to copy some one, and we always evidently do, we can go to the source and the origin of it, and maybe learn a bit about its history first… now that’s not an ‘outdated way of doing things’ doll… that’s just  “super awesome!!by xy

artist chris burden’s metropolis II at LACMA every little boys dream…


over a thousand hot wheels all in one place

i know this is a bit old news by now, when i saw it i was going to do a post but that never happened. still it must be in the archives of TS… can the future of L.A. be this? or maybe the future of the world? most likely it will… and per chris burden, well all be driving in autonomous cars going on average at a speed of 230 miles per hour. the city structures are very cool especially the reflective mirror like high rise and the charles eames reference house of cards. i think anyone with a current or past love for slot cars, hotwheels, or matchbox cars would love this… by uh