go read your history: you don’t read you say… then download the podcast – amazing stuff!

dan carlin

this is dan carlin, i just wish our history teachers where this enthusiastic and this intelligent to understand that history can be taught in a manner that is fascinating and beneficial for future generations…

dan carlin  is an american political commentator and podcaster. he has several episodes on historical topics that can be downloaded from itunes onto your phone under the titles: “common sense” and “hardcore history.”

he is genuine enough, and intelligent enough, to always point out what parts are recorded facts and what parts are interpretations by various historians, all of which should be taken with a grain-of-salt and researched independantly. you will NOT find any alternative facts in these pod casts, “believe me.”

my favorite is the series hardcore history, blueprint for armageddon. when this was first recommended to me by hk i thought, a) i don’t do podcasts, and b) there is no way i’m going to listen to so many hours of some dude talking. mind you, i have gone through the entire episode and i listened to the last one several time because i simply did not want to end it. highly recommended. here is the link to dan’s website, or you can simply go to the podcasts icon on your i-phone and type in “hardcore history.” its free for the time being (but i think dan should start charging for these). enjoy the show. by uh

blow [me] up





the lingering obsession with antonioni’s 1966 film blow up might have been answered in an upcoming book titled the antonioni adventure by george porcari.

excerpt from page 84 and 85

“siegfried kracauer described the detective as an essentially modern figure who is on a rational quest for meaning and narrative closure.  it is the detective who uses logic, keen observation and deductive skills to assemble fragmentary details into a meaningful narrative and thereby arrive at the truth, but does he?  blow-up is a meditation on this question.” – george porcari

Ash Stymest " Select, SoPopular, Daniel Blechman, Luisa " Viva Berlin

observing life’s narrative, to search for a truth that may or may not be obtainable, might be exactly what creates intrigue.  for me, i can’t help but meditate on that. by jj


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my latest find is odiseo – a biannual publication that offers both visual and intellectual stimuli circulating around erotic photography and contemporary essays. the most interesting aspect of odiseo is that it balances philosophical stories and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. odiseo is a project initiated by barcelona based design agency folch.

‘we do define ourselves as erotic, but not as a magazine. as opposed to most magazines we do not seek to publish current content, but rather speculative essays dealing with topics that may or may not be of relevance in the near future.’
– pol pérez


odiseo vol.7 is dedicated to the notion of truth. the issue is launched as a triptych, which was shot by photographer juan hernández. in this publication you’ll find a sensitive approach with photographic essays by one of my favorite photographers, paul jung, as well as some great written opinion pieces including eugenia lapteva and hans frederik jacobsen. by lb

thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season

T. S. Eliot

an audio of thomas stearns eliot reading his 1920 piece gerontion. the poem represents the view of a “gerontic” or elderly man and his modernist views on religion and sexuality amongst other topics. although the line “thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season” is a metaphor for age, i thought it would be rather fitting for this peculiar new york weather we’ve been having. plus, i cannot think of a more satisfying way to hear eliot read than by the genius himself. by sv

encyclopedia wikipedia by michael mandiberg





we kindda like the idea of having all these white books on our book shelves. this is the entire english language wikipedia in 7,600 volumes. generated by software, and created by artist michael mandiberg and available for $500,000. print wikipedia is less of a practical tool and more of an artistic observation of the largest accumulation of human knowledge. it is a poetic gesture towards the futility of the scale of big data that has become such an important part of our daily lives. pretty cool. by dd

the Largest Collection of Comme des Garçons Publications Ever


idea books is a london-based company in the business of rare books. founders angela hill + david owen have spent the last 15 years hawking v. rare books and magazines. idea books’ focus is on selling highly sought after, and out-of-print fashion, photography, design, and architecture publications, mainly by selling its coveted collection through their instagram.

idea books has brought its collectibles to the US with a shop-in-shop in new york, which it is touting as “the most exhaustive collection of publications about comme des garçons ever assembled.” on display are two copies of comme des garçon 1975 – 1982, one of the most desirable fashion publications ever produced—one that the company was shocked to find. a run of six, a publication for every CDG collection that ran from 1988 to 1991, a copy of comme des garçon 1981 – 1986, and the comme des garçon visionaire that was guest-edited by rei kawakub. by lb

The Memories Come Back in Waves




“john severson’s surf” is a book that presents the languid-meets-extreme-thrills lifestyle of surfing through paintings and vivid photography. while his were among the first surf movies, it was the posters associated with them, hugely popular when issued in the 1950s and 1960s, that remain collector favorites today. showcased in these early posters, his graphic skills translated easily to surfer magazine which he founded in 1960. the magazine was the first to celebrate and revolutionize the art and sport of surfing, establishing it as a powerful pop culture phenomenon.

severson expanded his career to include photography, with photographs appearing in life, sports illustrated, paris match and other print venues. the first issue was a 36-page collection of black-and-white photos, cartoon sketches and short articles—almost every aspect of which was created by severson himself. as the magazine grew in popularity, so did his graphic work and paintings. by lb

my first fictional crush


catcher-in-the-rye-front-cover copy

if you went through young adulthood or college without reading this, then i feel very sorry for you. holden caulfield is by far one of the most fascinating characters in fictional literature… and i find him quite appealing. i would have dated him at the time that i first read it. take the weekend to get to your favorite bookstore and catch up on what you missed. by kgb

finger lickin’ good, y’all

elBulli 2005-2011 Cookbook copy

Dom Perignon - a cookbook

for all gastronomical minded heads, make sure to check out the latest compilation from ferran adria and his el bull restaurant. the set of seven books retails for around $600. if you have any extra bucks left, make sure to pick up the super limited edition dom perginon 2008 cookbook, bound in super rare japanese sea-green galuchat leather, if you can find it, it will cost you another $1800. by kt