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for those of you who save your cycling for europe because you’re not into dorky helmets or lugging clumsy equipment into the office, there are now a few convenient collapsible versions to check out. Such as this little number by closca. by KL

girl on a motorcycle: anke eve goldmann and her BMW R69S


anke eve goldmann with her BMW R69S back in 1957

girl on a motorcycle starring…

anke eve goldman as journalist and bike enthusiast who wrote for moto revue in france. she was the first woman to ride a motorcycle with a one-piece leather racing suit, made for her by german manufacturer harro, which in my opinion, stated the S&M craze ; ) she was the source for the character rebecca in the book titled the motorcycle (1963) by andre pieyre de mandiargues. that book was made into a movie, the girl on a motorcycle, later staring guess who? marianne faithfull. by dd

black edition




inspired by the concept of stealth in the harsh luminosity of the urban jungle, BME design has created a minimalist carbon fiber bicycle that resembles the classic F-117 nighthawk aircraft. the carbon fiber frame and fork weighs 20 pounds, sports a single-speed carbon belt drive, and comes with the ultimate urban security system. with only 100 being made, the B-9 NH black edition bicycle retails for $8,750 usd. by lb

want vs. need

need. spotted on one of our favorite sites/shops, brooksengland.com , this ‘rad’ bike and other similar models are made by ruder-rad of germany. not only do their bikes give you a laid-back experience for cruising, but the mechanisms are pretty killer too. the handle bar can be used in a rowing motion to add power to the bike in tandem with your standard foot peddling motion… and if you don’t want to row, then just sit back and peddle, it’s optional! you’re bound to have a smooth ride due to your laid-back weight bouncing on the supportive spring. the basket on the back and the headlamp mounted on the front wheel are just cherries on top. this model will run you 2999 euros or roughly 3554 us dollars. but how much do us city slickers spend on our monthly unlimited subway cards, taxis, and ubers combined? we think its worth a splurge. snag yours here. (and hey ruder-rad, feel free to wheel one over our way! the ts crew will take turns riding it proudly around nyc). by ar

les cycles victoire: the ultimate bicycle to go with your berlutis

the french bike maker les cycles victoire has certainly made quite a few unusual bikes, all made to measure and personalized… in an age were most bikes are covered with flashy stickers and fluorescent paints., this one is all about pared-down beauty

the berluti edition comes with leather shoe straps to cuddle your loved ones

specially made berluti shoes for your specially made berluti straps

 a little about how it’s made

i am personally quite pleased with my british made armstrong 3 speed bike sporting a brown leather brooks seat, a black lacquered bell ring and metal basket. but for a few dollars more you could perhaps go for the french made les cycles victoire berluti edition (available now). and while you are at it, you may want to also pick up the pair of shoes berluti created specifically to go with this bike. after that, if you have any change left, you could then stop off for a cup of new york’s finest 50 cent coffee to complete your look and regain your sense of dignity. just be sure not to park it anywhere near the 5 boroughs. a great bike to store in your loft, but not very practical for the streets. we’re having trouble retaining our $300 brooks seat with out having to chain it down. one could just imagine the vultures descending on this piece of steel and leather ars. that aside it is a beautiful piece of chivalry. by dd

get green

to pp and dd : enough motocycles guys! planet earth is dying, get a bicycle (or this cool old rode tricycle) by lil