balenciaga vs. ikea

ikea/balenciaga homage. its a gas… but two thumbs up to those who “bite the hand that feeds them”. its pretty punk of demna gvasalia especially for a georgian who studied in antwerp! this is a TOTAL fuck you to all rich people. and we love it for that idea, but no clue if that is indeed even close to what demna had in mind? more like something from tobias wong R.I.P!!!  by xy

boom and your in london in 3.5 hrs


the new supersonic jet to replace the concord for the same price as today’s business class.

meet boom. boom is a prototype for a new supersonic passenger airplane that will be able to fly new york to london in just 3.5 hours, slightly quicker than concorde used to. but here’s the best part, boom states that it is using existing technologies to keep costs low, and the business model is based on flights being about the same price as a current business class is today, that is approx $2500 each way. apparently boom is already in development and test flights are planned for late 2017. fasten your seat belts, were coming to london for dinner. read more about boom supersonic jets here. by ac

design to annoy


a theoretical look at designing inefficient packaging. a project i found online by erik askin that deals with designing “bad” packaging to make smoking more annoying.

what if to discourage smoking, cigarette cartons were designed to be less convenient? in 1940 raymond leowy re-designed the packaging and logo for lucky strike cigarettes revitalizing the brand and bringing great success to the company. the standard flip-top cigarette box is an excellent design. in terms of presentation, accessibility, and branding, a pack of cigarettes is fantastic. currently, cigarette companies are required to put warnings on their packages about the dangers of smoking. what if we took it a step further?

first, what makes the cigarette carton such a good idea? 1) convenience. cartons allow smokers to easily access and store cigarettes, and the design is easy to manufacture. 2) branding. the logo orientation and point of purchase display provides excellent brand advertising and turns the area behind the register into a huge billboard. 3) portability. cartons fill well into our daily lives by accommodating items such as wallets and cell phones, and fit easily into our pockets.

within reason, how impractical can we make cigarette cartons?






by testing out different orientations, sizes, and flip tops, the least-ergonomic and least efficient design within reason was discovered…

marlboro-cigerette-packaging-bad-design4 (1)

“the diamond carton”

by addressing issues such as accessibility, portability, branding, and manufacturing, the diamond carton makes life subtly harder for smokers.


marlboro-cigerette-packaging-bad-design3 (1)

the box’s physical orientation makes it hard to display the logo and brand.


the orientation and taper of the carton, makes access and sharing difficult (some might say that is a positive thing).

marlboro-cigerette-packaging-bad-design1 (1)

the multi-faceted sides fit poorly in the pocket.


the point of purchase, the carton is oriented in such a way that brand advertising is minimized.


the manufacturing pattern for the diamond carton is more complicated and requires more material.


the diamond carton is an example of packaging which is meant to make your life harder. while this concept would be tough to implement, it is an interesting look at how by ‘breaking the rules’ of design, we could discourage the use of a harmful product… make smoking inconvenient for smokers. by lb

marcel dzama at the new york city ballet

marcel dzama ballet 3

marcel dzama ballet ballet 2

marcel dzama ballet ballet

very excited to attend the “the most incredible thing” at the new york city ballet this saturday that features scenography and costumes by the artist marcel dzama. if you dont know the artist make sure to look up his work and check out the short feature above. by kt

the design process

design film

a great promotional film from the 60’s by walter landor and associates showing the design process from start to finish. unfortunately or luckily (..?) the process has slightly changed today due to 3d- software and 3d- printers. by kt

I don’t want anything else but the new Jaguar low drag GT


more aerodynamically efficient than a ferrari 250GTO


malcolm sayer was a genius… just memorize that




interior with original toggle switches…. no gold, no fancy wood, nor excess leather with dollar bill signs…. drool!



in a world of shit cars, here is a brand new car with airbag, ABS breaking, AC and all the stupid necessary things we all want and need, but cant find in a vintage car, packaged in a beautifully proportioned body of a legend. this car is individually built for each client to his or her specs so the sky is the limit.

a little background on the low drag GT: the jaguar low drag GT is based on the prototype made from the original e-type by jaguar back in the 60’s. efforts to create an optimized racing e-type, with reduced weight and a further enhanced aerodynamic profile for the factory-resulted in the low drag version as the company began to plan the 1962 racing season. in conjunction with the development of the low drag, jaguar were also putting focus into the all-aluminum ‘lightweight’’ e-type, with uprated engines, suspension and brakes. 12 of these all-aluminum were developed, and they soon became the focus of the racing development at jaguar. this left the beautiful low drag prototype in the shade, and although development continued as an ‘after hours’ project, much more focus went into the eventual 12 lightweight jags. malcolm sayer who tested the low drag in a wind tunnel in those after hours, discovered that the shape was more aerodynamically efficient than a ferrari 250GTO (10%) and the standard e-type (20%) but the low drag was left behind as the lightweight jags took the ascendant position and redyed for the 1962 race. it took several decades for the low drag to reemerge from the archives but now you can have a custom one made just for you! now what a treat that would be? the cost, pending your requirements of course, would start around £650,000 i wont mention what that is in dollars. by uh

TOP 10+ GIFTS of 2015: our gift to you, great gift ideas for the holidays


B&O A9 speaker in white $2,699.00by ars


mink and cashmere socks from william abraham $160.00 each – by ac


lelabo collaboration with ceft and company candle made in small edition and hand numbered $300.00by uh


tom dixon elements scent air diffuser $115.00by cm


joey roth’s latest bluetooth speaker design (pre-order) available in black but we’ll take the white $450.00by xy


1:10 scale exoto die-cast model of the 1967 lemans winner, the ford gt40 MKIV was $5,500.00 on sale now for $2,747.00 one left – by dd


monocle travel walnut studiolo dominos $75.00by lb


sugar cube wireless speakers, skip songs by tilting the speaker and tap to play/pause… simple and stylish portable speaker $229.00by nwa


 the ultimate modernist cuisine cookbook set $539.00by kt


kristian stahl fossilized mammoth dice from crest & co. $1,000.00by kc


pro-ject audio debut carbon record player $550.00by pr

happy holidays from everyone

at ts