prefabulous: charlotte perriand beach house

this is a previously unrealised prefab beach-house designed by modernist architect charlotte perriand in 1934. the project was initially conceived for an architecture competition to design cheap holiday lodging, held by french architecture magazine l’architecture d’aujourd’hui. it was never conceived or built until now… by the french “cheap holiday lodging” company louis vuitton. the charlotte perriand la maison au bord de leau by louis vuitton at design miami 2013 is currently located in the beach-side garden at the raleigh hotel on miami’s south beach. by ra+dd

TOP 10+ GIFTS of 2013: our gift to you, great gift ideas for the holidays

redrum… blood red designer kitchen cutting board. fits in any psychotic kitchen including mine. $22.54 – xy

can le labo get any better? maybe. here’s le labo rose 25 in collaboration with opening ceremony. i like the printed glass… i think! $80 – ac

plumen low energy light bulbs

i guess it is light that we need after all, not fire. stay plugged in with this environmentally and aesthetically pleasing lightbulb. get it at plumen. $28.95 – kd

if you have a rich woman or a man, read on…. nero mkii bike from bandit9. very exclusive wheels, price available upon request. look it up here. – kt

andy warhol polaroid self portrait

everyone loves a polaroid, especially an andy warhol selfie polaroid via christie’s. just $15-20K supplies limited!– bw

dd would love this. anyone reading can start saving up… fifty years of essential art house films from janus films. $764.96 ooooouch! but do it again, please. – sv

i wear these at home when i feel like michael j fox. supra tk society black satin high-tops $150 – nk

who doesn’t want “a very dark affair”? sign me up. 12.29 candles $150 for this lovely candle, which is a bit steep. the good news is you can keep the glass, and the refill candles are only $75  – dd

unless you’re in the business of jacking bikes off the street, this is the best deal in town. just pick your size and receive a mystery bike from state bicycle co. $299. we got a great fixi and we are lovin it. – lil

navajo inspired pendleton water blanket. does anyone know what a water blanket means? anyhow, this one is available on pendleton’s own site. $298. – cm

i bet you don’t have a tote yet… if you do, trash it and get this. beautifully oversized portfolio tote from everlane.  $450 – wm

jungle fever. the original martinique wallpaper. prices and samples upon request. $5 samples login to view price per foot. –kc

if you are looking for earphones that “stay-in” these etymotic research in-ear headphones are the ones. these are my favorite low budget noise-isolating earphones; designed by an otolaryngologist and intended for sound engineers and audiophiles in constant motion. mc-3 s are around $80 and the er4pt’s are around $300. you can google it… – uh

house-shaped house key; inventive and practical, just the way we like it. via fancy. $8. –kd

paris de nuit paul morand photobookfirst edition of the evocative and iconic paris photography book. found at bauman rare books $6,200 perfect gift for rich folks who dont read. –bh

and for those that still need to know the time, here’s the verbarius electronic clock, around $160-250 – kv

happy holidays from everyone

at ts

seeing red at sotheby’s – thanks to Sir Jonathan Ive, mr. newson and bono

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.10.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.13.26 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.17.41 PMyes, that is a ‘snoopy’ lamp by achille and pier giacomo castiglioni and not a mushroom. yes, that is a vintage dieter rams hi-fi by braun. yes, that is a personal watchmaker’s tool kit by petitpierre sa. and yes, you can satisfy indulgent desire for beauty and precision while satisfying your desire to do good and help humanity in one go at the upcoming sotheby’s red auction.  by kl

phonebloks. support dave hakkens

phonebloks is a great idea by dave hakkens, a designer from the netherlands. i personally had to change my phone 3 times for a brand new one, just because one piece was not functioning anymore. yelling (or crying) at the lady on the other side of the customer “help” number didn’t make any difference, i had to give away my pride and 600 euros. electronic devices are not made to last, because good products that you keep for 40 years do not make their corporations any richer. dave, i feel ya man… by lil