the special AKA : some advice on your racist friend…

the special AKA – “racist friend” by jerry dammers and his coventry based band

if the recent events in charlottesville, virginia (featuring the despicable kkk left overs, the white-supremacist, and the nazi alt-right) has had a silver lining, it’s that it made us all go and re-buy the specials (and AKA) albums all over again. it’s remarkable if not insane, that we still have to deal with such none-sense in 2017! #ignorance… (if only it worked on the web) beautiful song and a great trumpet riff that just fails to become irrelevant… if you like this check out our older post on “the nelson mandela song” written by jerry dammers for mandela before his release and election to south africa’s first black president (sounds like an oxymoron – first black president in south africa!!) o.k. children, its your future not ours, good luck, and good night… by dd

mit der Liebe aus Deutschland: good friends advice from across the pond


us elections 2016: which guy had the loud voice? couldn’t be rand paul… maybe ben carson? naaah. jeb? sorry i meant jeb! help us out please…


one man’s promise to the great german people: “… to overturn the terrible, terrible, treaties that made germany weak, and prayed upon by other countries. to bring pride back to the humble and good people, and make deutschland great again. specifically the middle and lower classes who he was to defend from the elite. he leveraged their desperation and fears. he promised to bring stability to the german citizens who were afraid of foreign ideologies (in that case communism). the turmoil and aftermath of the stock market crash, simmered up hate for the status-que, so much so that it even prompted big business to contribute funds to help his party. he asserted that germany was weak, corrupt and in a state of immediate collapse, he deflected all such responsibility to the immigrants, with tremendously alien religions (in that case the jewish people) and promoted a new future to make germany great again.” the rest, as they say, is history.

the good news is, adolf hitler was not as orange as donald trump, and he never admitted to grabbing any fräulein by the pussy… however… he did comb his hair to one-side, screamed at the top of his lungs, used hand gestures when speaking, belittled everyone around him, and had delusional knack for “winning” battles. now go figure! by xy

boom and your in london in 3.5 hrs


the new supersonic jet to replace the concord for the same price as today’s business class.

meet boom. boom is a prototype for a new supersonic passenger airplane that will be able to fly new york to london in just 3.5 hours, slightly quicker than concorde used to. but here’s the best part, boom states that it is using existing technologies to keep costs low, and the business model is based on flights being about the same price as a current business class is today, that is approx $2500 each way. apparently boom is already in development and test flights are planned for late 2017. fasten your seat belts, were coming to london for dinner. read more about boom supersonic jets here. by ac

Prozac replacement


30-minute meditation with the transportive power of sound.

with all the drama, screaming, moaning and groaning that we do over here, we occasionally take some time to set our mind straight. these meditations from ‘welcome earth’ are pretty dope, they are free, but you do have to register via email… pop in your headphones and let this one settle in, you can always thank us later. by hk

jovian aurora


jupiter is happening today. it has been described as a planet on steroids with everything being bigger and more intense than any other planet. here’s a picture of recently discovered jovian aurora, which are ultraviolet polar light shows.


and here is a beautiful image from NASA showing a rare triple eclipse. by kl

most people don’t really want the truth

Tim Minchin Storm

this animation should be all it takes to knock some sense into the nutty minds of everyone suffering from being blinded by the current pseudoscientific trend. it’s about time we have a renascence of the age of enlightenment where empiricism and scientific rigor overcomes the mumbo jumbo of ufo-logists and parapsychologists. if anyone is still “skeptic” towards the skeptics after seeing the video, please rewind and see it again. if still in doubt… choose your own punishment and buy one of the two following items: why people believe weird things or the $530 spiritual nourishmentby kt

new scientific discovery: evolution re-explained


classic human evolution diagram: what scientist believed to be true until now… new research finding by the university of columbia begs to differ


the revised evolution diagram

the understanding until now was that humans evolved… all of them. but new research, based on the most recent 2015 presidential elections and debates in the US, shows that modern man today, walks amongst his prehistoric cousins. racism, hate, war mongering, superstition, religion, bigotry, gay-dom, fear of the new and lack of compassion are all well and alive in our modern society. perhaps if we can come to understand this phenomena, we can help our mentally challenged cousins gain some of the modern mans knowledge. by ak

the history of Afghanistan: bitter lake, a film by BBC’s adam Curtis tracing the story of Islamic state


this is the 3rd time we are embedding this film and it keeps getting taken down (!) you may want to search it on youtube if and when this 3rd copy is taken down again

although “bitter lake”, a film by adam curtis, was produced by the BBC, the content of the film was rather too much for its audience to publicly promote. therefore the film remained in the back logs of  their press efforts, and therefore seldom seen.

here is your chance to delve into the history of afganistan, the taliban, and the role saudi arabia and north america played in their faiths. its the story of how the islamic state (IS) was created and why. how fixing one problem, like the spread of communism, could cause to spearhead another one, like the spread of an extremist sect of wahabism (a version of islam created by the saudi elite).

this was achieved by exporting, funding and supporting this ideology to afganistan and beyond. it was done at a time when an evil entity was supported to bring down yet another enemy. of course today we are left to manage the monster we helped create. a good film to see for anyone interested in world affairs, beyond what fox news has to offer. by ac

smoking and drinking are fine: but here are 6 things you should not do


ok i know we all smoke… occasionally,  and we all drink like tomorrow is our last. but still… that is no reason to use deodorants, or even worse, sleep each night on our mattress at home (bear with me). i mean yes, we all do stupid silly things, but that is because we chose to, knowingly. we heard the news, read about the risks, researched the possibilities and then, and only then, we went on a shark feeding dive in tahiti. what we hate is that we are risking being poisoned, with out our knowledge, and with out a single mind altering benefit to write about, while we fill the pockets of the chemical industry giants. this has gotta stop. but we must start somewhere. here are 6 things you should not do…

1- BPA’s in canned food:

how to avoid: majority of canned goods use BPA in their lining, this synthetic hormone has been linked to various forms of cancer, as well as reproductive problems and heart disease. look for BPA free cans and avoid plastics that are marked with “PC” or recycling label #7. read the back of the can.

2- PVC’s in anything plastic that goes into your mouth:

how to avoid: they are in those clear ice coffee cups (shit i drink 4 a day!) plastic food containers (topper-ware), plastic utensils, children’s toys and plastic wrap and anything made from PVC. this baby encourages the death of testicular cells in men and is linked to hormonal changes, birth defects related to the male reproductive system and thyroid abnormalities, but nothing else.

3- PBDE’s (flame retardants) are in your mattress, sofa, curtains, stereo:

how to avoid: it’s virtually impossible to avoid PBDE’s entirely, they are used as a flame retardant and many attempts to ban them have been crushed by the industry lobby. they cause permanent learning and memory impairment (which explains the young intern syndrome of today), delayed puberty onset, and decreased sperm count. each night you go to bed, or sit on your sofa, you are being exposed to them through your bodies largest organ, your skin… but it helps to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to catch the dust that comes off of them. i wonder if even my fancy horse hair bed has this shit sprayed on it?

4- mercury is found in your lovely seafood dish:

how to avoid: cut down on your tuna, especially your fancy tuna (as that is the worse), if you must eat tuna (bluefin tuna status: endangered species) eat the cheap canned tuna (BPA free can) because they use the younger tuna (bad for the species, but better for you) or the less fatty parts of bigger tuna which contain the least mercury as mercury is stored in the fat of the tuna (and then yours) and the fat of the fish that the big tuna eat. mercury builds up in your body (like radiation) and exposure leads to brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system diseases. yum! make mine seared.

5- aluminum and parabens found in antiperspirants and creams:

how to avoid: get hand and body lotions that are paraben free. absolutely avoid all common deodorant like “dry idea”, “ban” (i mean the god-damn name warns you on the label, how stupid are we?) “degree”, etc. try a brand that does not list anything aluminum+(blah, blah) note that you will stink for the first few weeks but then you’ll be surprised as to how less stinky you become after that. that is because “antiperspirants” literally block your sweat glands and do not allow sweat to exit. now where do you think all that sweat goes? that is all the toxins that have been building up, finally coming out. imagine if you finally pooped after, say 18 years, its not gonna be a pleasant sight. aluminum is responsible for increased risk of breast cancer especially if you shave before applying. but also alzheimer… which i already have. parabens simply cause breast cancer but at least you will remember why you got cancer to begin with.

6-  pesticides (organophosphate) found in your average fruit and vegetables:

how to avoid: grow your own shit if you live in woodstock, otherwise buy organic produce whenever possible and use the EWG guide to find out which nonorganic produce contains the least amount of pesticide residue. but what are organophosphate pesticides? ok gotta love this; “these pesticides were originally developed by nazi germany during WWII for use in chemical warfare, using the same chemistry, we now spray them on our crops.” you gotta love capitalism. they are linked to impaired brain development, fertility and thyroid function.

*** disclaimer: drinking and smoking are not fine. they are bad. if you are not already a drunk, or a nicotine addict, do not start. it sucks. also, never believe 100% of what you read anywhere, but especially here. please use this as a starting point to research and learn more about the shit we are being fed, and take action with your purchasing power for our future and the earth future. for beginners you can also watch the “human experiment” movie with mister sean penn on the horn.

end fact: you probably know the EU has strict policies on chemicals. but did you know china has a stricter public exposure to chemical policy than the US? that is actually true. they sell shit to us that they cant sell in china! not their fault, but ours. by dd