boot game strong


alden leffot boot gamenew york boots alden
alden leffot boot now that winter is hitting new york for real, we hope that everyone has the proper boots to tackle all that snow and sleet. for the lucky few that managed to get their hands on the limited tanker boot collaboration by leffot and alden with a hand-sewn split toe in oiled chanois goat leather, no further reading is needed. for the unlucky many, who either are suffering from wet and cold feet or are swanking  around in boots like everyone else, consider to stop by leffot on christofer and gay street in west village to upgrade your shoe game. by kt

tim coppins rocks: channeling some style council dandy candy


dig that silk scarf big boy


read all about it: paul weller and mick talbot of style council


nice fall cream raincoat by tim coppins


hi there, we’re just 3 models that got paid for a day to sit at an empty table in a cafe in paris


reminds us of the helmut newton girls in the alley – just day time version



herringbone and tartan pattern pants and scarf


paul weller and mick talbot of style council


love this men’s collection by tim coppins, relaxed dandy modernized by a bit of structuring. i’d take the whole wardrobe today if tim wants to spare a few pieces. nice job on casting and photography despite the contrived cafe shot… took us back to the late 80’s style council days. by uh

Easy Tiger!


genius sexting going on here… easy calvin… we all know you’re no homophobe but did you just team up with grindr or something? talk about pandering to your audience below the belt… access is definitely granted! calvin klein text advertising… by xy

carry on chap: berluti un jour

berluti deux jour luxury bag

berluti bag luxury bag du jour

forget the scarf and the hat, here’s the prize accessory for the dandy man: the ultimate briefcase comes from berluti and is made from the brands signature venezia leather that can be customized with one of their extensive and well guarded secret patinas. the bag is perfectly suited to fulfill the task as your everyday office briefcase and it will fit all necessary essentials on your overnight business trip. like most things premium it comes with a hefty cost, and can be yours for $3,300 (excluding tax of course). pay the cost to be the boss at you local berluti store, or take one of their “of the shelf colors” at mr. porterby kt

cool, cool, cool: howdy mr. and mrs. moncler

mr-moncler-figurines-toy-figures copy

“i’m gonna ride into omoha on a horse, out to the country club and the golf course,

carrying a new york times, shoot a few holes, blow their minds…”

mr-moncler-skateboard-figures copy

an “A”  for effort, but NEVER carry a long-board around here…

mr-mrs-moncler-dolls copy

you can call him muffin… oh, and shes just bluffin’


me and muffin! i’m a poet, and i know it…

love these little guys from moncler… but don’t bother lookin’ to buy em like i did yet, they are not available for sale. i had a few pieces of moncler when i was a kid. a blue and red sweater, a doudoune jacket, etc… my parents brought em back from a trip to france and my sister and i skied in em. had no idea what they were, but i remembered those colors and the logo and that stayed in my head until i started seeing every kid on the corner sporting one. i suppose moncler’s are still special if you can navigate your way through a million fake sites, or cough up $1,500 for a polyamide and feather (not all down) jacket at the store, but that’s a steep price when you can get an all down 800fill serious outdoor jacket for $400 or even under $300… i suppose i’m poorer than my parents now, but that’s the new american way that we all voted for! jive credit: bob dylan, ofcourse. by xy

garden grown ultra knits on handsome hairy men

hand-knit scarf and boucle crew neck


leather and cashmere bomber jacket

leave it to handsome chap nathan bogle to dream up jardine’s upcoming line, a cross between manly sailor attire and gentleman’s cashmere spliffs. i’ll take the hand-knit scarf, and the thick crew neck sweater for starters. the fingerless gloves that cm made his signature, years ago still works too. now all i need is a ship to man across the open seas. captain ahab here i come. line available in july – sept 2013. by xy

guess who?

well packed and full of youth… guess who and you better not google search it. here’s a hint BS… and i mean no bullshit. by dd