cool, cool, cool: howdy mr. and mrs. moncler

mr-moncler-figurines-toy-figures copy

“i’m gonna ride into omoha on a horse, out to the country club and the golf course,

carrying a new york times, shoot a few holes, blow their minds…”

mr-moncler-skateboard-figures copy

an “A”  for effort, but NEVER carry a long-board around here…

mr-mrs-moncler-dolls copy

you can call him muffin… oh, and shes just bluffin’


me and muffin! i’m a poet, and i know it…

love these little guys from moncler… but don’t bother lookin’ to buy em like i did yet, they are not available for sale. i had a few pieces of moncler when i was a kid. a blue and red sweater, a doudoune jacket, etc… my parents brought em back from a trip to france and my sister and i skied in em. had no idea what they were, but i remembered those colors and the logo and that stayed in my head until i started seeing every kid on the corner sporting one. i suppose moncler’s are still special if you can navigate your way through a million fake sites, or cough up $1,500 for a polyamide and feather (not all down) jacket at the store, but that’s a steep price when you can get an all down 800fill serious outdoor jacket for $400 or even under $300… i suppose i’m poorer than my parents now, but that’s the new american way that we all voted for! jive credit: bob dylan, ofcourse. by xy

garden grown ultra knits on handsome hairy men

hand-knit scarf and boucle crew neck


leather and cashmere bomber jacket

leave it to handsome chap nathan bogle to dream up jardine’s upcoming line, a cross between manly sailor attire and gentleman’s cashmere spliffs. i’ll take the hand-knit scarf, and the thick crew neck sweater for starters. the fingerless gloves that cm made his signature, years ago still works too. now all i need is a ship to man across the open seas. captain ahab here i come. line available in july – sept 2013. by xy

guess who?

well packed and full of youth… guess who and you better not google search it. here’s a hint BS… and i mean no bullshit. by dd