garden grown ultra knits on handsome hairy men

hand-knit scarf and boucle crew neck


leather and cashmere bomber jacket

leave it to handsome chap nathan bogle to dream up jardine’s upcoming line, a cross between manly sailor attire and gentleman’s cashmere spliffs. i’ll take the hand-knit scarf, and the thick crew neck sweater for starters. the fingerless gloves that cm made his signature, years ago still works too. now all i need is a ship to man across the open seas. captain ahab here i come. line available in july – sept 2013. by xy

guess who?

well packed and full of youth… guess who and you better not google search it. here’s a hint BS… and i mean no bullshit. by dd

meadham kirchhoff: blokes s13

london is in full self-promo-mode, to try and ensure a touristic success during this summer’s olympics, with the launch of their first men’s fashion week. and if you’re not going the savile row way, what’s more british than totally bonkers anti-fashion? funny thing is that i bet if you look beyond the cyclone of color and styling in this debut menswear collection by cult design duo meadham kirchoff , there are items that will appeal to even the most uptight of sophisticate.  by kl