in honor of the persian new year here is a clip of the bygone golden days

above the 2500 year celebration party,

and now that we are on this topic; here is “the fall of the shah” about the revolution of 1979. this may also be of interest.

the deposed shah of iran had a massive party to celebrate the 2,500 years of the persian empire, inviting the heads-of-state from around the world. it was the party of the century and monarchs, and the like, hustled to insure the right seats at the table. this of course was just a few year before the revolution and the beginning of islamic republic of iran. fun little movie from BBC – documenting the 2500 year celebration of the persian heritage. happy norouz, and for the rest of you happy first day of spring. by dd

Amok Science: Did the Polio vaccine in congo created the AIDS virus?

hilary koprowski was the target of accusations in the press, an allegation long refuted by “evidence” showing that the HIV-1 virus was introduced to humans long before his polio-vaccine trials were conducted in africa. however, the “evidence” is disputed and targeted in this documentary.

polio (oral) vaccine used in belgian congo as an experiment

I must say that I’m a total supporter of vaccines, and I believe strongly in the opinion of the scientific community. but like all good things that can go astray, I do have serious concerns about the lack of honesty, greed and monetary realities of the pharmaceutical complex. it is very very possible that this was a lapse of judgement, or involved a handful of bad apples, but it had to be suppressed in order to salvage the confidence of the public, save the moral standing of the west and avoid financial disaster for the pharmaceutical companies involved. that is very plausible and this documentary by channel four surely raises those doubts and drills holes into the conclusion of the royal society. watch it, judge for yourself, but don’t form an opinion till you research this thoroughly. by dd

and now for some fake news: but a fun documentary – the dubious friends of donald trump

look at that pretty deal-maker face… and those gull wing collars on that jacket! def not a  loser!

this is a documentary about “…trump’s business and personal ties to oligarchs from the former soviet union, and their connections with the netherlands…”

part II: why is oprah the screen shot for this film when shes completely irrelevant to the film? – Aha! this is a black conspiracy… clearly!

part II covers “donald trump’s controversial friends, including billionaire Lev Leviev, suspected of trading in blood diamonds. He is one of the world’s biggest diamond traders and owns prestigious stores in new york and moscow, but he is also the owner of siebel, the netherlands’ biggest jewellery chain. leviev has ties with russian president putin, US president trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. trump, however, claims he hardly knows this “king of diamonds.”

who made this documentary? zembla. they are a dutch television program. the documentaries are based on in-depth research. a documentary in 2001 about fraud in the dutch construction sector led to parliamentary inquiries. in may 2006, the program exposed the fact that politician ayaan hirsi ali had lied in her claim for asylum, which led to her resignation from parliament. this documentary was made in 2017 it has not lead to any resignations yet! more on zembla.

happy watching and for any accurate reporting please refer to breitbart news, or your facebook feed from friends. by ar

brilliant: surf punk and a whole lot of kitsch to go with that…

cindy cruz of B52’s

the B52’s: “dance this mess around,” downtown cafe in atlanta, georgia in 1978 – now you know where the talking heads took their cues…

fred schneider of the B52’s

the B52’s “planet claire,” and its exceptionally brilliant long intro, a total fu to the rules of pop radio – november 1980 capital theater

cindy cruz and fred schneider

the B52’s “give me back my man” – early years… you may have to watch this one on youtube sorry!

…and if by any chance you are not into politics, and simply want to escape to a time when all we american had to worry about was how to party, here is the ultimate kitsch punk band that never got the credit it deserved.

these guys clearly didn’t take themselves too seriously, but i must say that in hind-site, they were punk as f#@k, more punk than the circle jerks and definitely more punk than the sex pistols. they were cool without trying to be cool, punk with out claiming to be punk. they had fun and did what they wanted until of course fame took over, and as the saying goes, radio killed the real super stars. i’d give my left arm to see them live in some santa monica venue back in the late 70’s… although i just learned they were not even from california, but rather from athens, giorgia!!! who says a dead man cant fart? (some of you may understand that better than others). by ac

oliver stones granted exclusive access to putin

following up on the political thread, after you have watched citzenfour and risk you should definitely set a side time for the up and coming four part mini series by oliver stone on showtime. oliver stone was granted exclusive access to putin, we cant wait to see the whole thing..  by kt

WWII and the rise of the SS in full color recently restored

a civilian political leader, adolf hitler, with only “good intentions” for the mother land…

young idyllic german youth with initially good intentions

the rise of the SS to power

 and the propaganda which followed that poisoned the minds of ordinary citizens.

remember that this already happened.

this is a great historic documentary in these very trying times. regardless of your current political views this is a good lesson in history and the events that lead to a disaster, not just for the nation itself, but for the world as a whole. worth a watch if you have any interest in the past or the future. enjoy and feel free to share it. by ar

go read your history: you don’t read you say… then download the podcast – amazing stuff!

dan carlin

this is dan carlin, i just wish our history teachers where this enthusiastic and this intelligent to understand that history can be taught in a manner that is fascinating and beneficial for future generations…

dan carlin  is an american political commentator and podcaster. he has several episodes on historical topics that can be downloaded from itunes onto your phone under the titles: “common sense” and “hardcore history.”

he is genuine enough, and intelligent enough, to always point out what parts are recorded facts and what parts are interpretations by various historians, all of which should be taken with a grain-of-salt and researched independantly. you will NOT find any alternative facts in these pod casts, “believe me.”

my favorite is the series hardcore history, blueprint for armageddon. when this was first recommended to me by hk i thought, a) i don’t do podcasts, and b) there is no way i’m going to listen to so many hours of some dude talking. mind you, i have gone through the entire episode and i listened to the last one several time because i simply did not want to end it. highly recommended. here is the link to dan’s website, or you can simply go to the podcasts icon on your i-phone and type in “hardcore history.” its free for the time being (but i think dan should start charging for these). enjoy the show. by uh

mit der Liebe aus Deutschland: good friends advice from across the pond


us elections 2016: which guy had the loud voice? couldn’t be rand paul… maybe ben carson? naaah. jeb? sorry i meant jeb! help us out please…


one man’s promise to the great german people: “… to overturn the terrible, terrible, treaties that made germany weak, and prayed upon by other countries. to bring pride back to the humble and good people, and make deutschland great again. specifically the middle and lower classes who he was to defend from the elite. he leveraged their desperation and fears. he promised to bring stability to the german citizens who were afraid of foreign ideologies (in that case communism). the turmoil and aftermath of the stock market crash, simmered up hate for the status-que, so much so that it even prompted big business to contribute funds to help his party. he asserted that germany was weak, corrupt and in a state of immediate collapse, he deflected all such responsibility to the immigrants, with tremendously alien religions (in that case the jewish people) and promoted a new future to make germany great again.” the rest, as they say, is history.

the good news is, adolf hitler was not as orange as donald trump, and he never admitted to grabbing any fräulein by the pussy… however… he did comb his hair to one-side, screamed at the top of his lungs, used hand gestures when speaking, belittled everyone around him, and had delusional knack for “winning” battles. now go figure! by xy

Can women drive? Woman driver wins Argentina 1962 rally in her mercedes-benz 220 SE


the swedish ewy rosqvist (and her co-driver – not shown – ursula wirt).


the mercedes-benz 220 SE.


not the cuban missile crisis: but the two blondes from scandinavia who dominated the headlines.

here is to women drivers, not in saudi arabia, but in argentina in 1962:

“before the start, the newspapers still somewhat ridiculed the fact that a women’s team were setting out on the marathon rally through argentina. when rosqvist and wirth chalked up a victory on the first stage, their success was soon praised as a respectable achievement. however, when the duo then also won the second stage, there was no more holding back and the swedish women were wildly celebrated by the country’s media. the state of the nation at that time was captured in the german language newspaper “freie presse”, which was published in buenos aires: “it was not the cuban missile crisis, but rather the two blondes from scandinavia who dominated the headlines in the country’s daily newspapers. the entire country excitedly celebrated the outstanding victory of the mercedes-benz women’s team in south america’s tough long-distance rally. proof that women actually can drive, and drive well… just as long as they are blond and don’t live in saudi arabia. by dd

Trump Ban: To Extend to Christians from Norway and Canada… Ban Could Extend to US Citizens

alexandre bissonette, french canadian, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

researching a little on this i was surprised to learn that muslims are not the only ones with a monopoly on “going mental.” looks like other religions are just as capable. of course, for all you intelligent folks, this is all nonsense.. there are good people, and bad people, everywhere, and in every religion… you should meet my zen master, hes only two steps from going off the edge, but the students are nice.

for the rest of you unintelligent bigots, at least take on some sense of consistency. if you’re gonna hate 1.6 billion people in a religion for what some of its members do, then go and hate all religions for what some of its members did.

dylann roof, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

btw what is terrorism anyway? the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” usually not very successful on the attackers side, and generally an act of desperation when other means fail, or at times out of pure hatred and complete disregard for life. a bad idea, how ever you slice it.

anders behring beivik, norwegian, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

terrorism is a matter of cause and effect, and often used by both sides, the enemy, as well as the protectors, to enlist fear in the public and enforce their agenda. be it intimidation, militarization, political power, freedom from oppression, land and water, gaining public support, or enforcing public suppression (a.k.a shut up and let me save you).

james holmes, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

and this terrorism, for all you people born yesterday, is not a recent phenomena brought to light by fox news, and no its not a muslim exclusive either… the spanish crusaders used it in SA in the name of god, hitler used it against the german public (reichstag building set ablaze) in the name of country, the jews used it against the SS in the warsaw ghetto in the name of dignity, the IRA used it against england, algiers used it against france, the basques used it against the spanish, the FARC used it in columbia, the palestinians used it against israel, and so on…

if interested, go read about how many of those circumstances ended and how they were eradicated. it wasn’t by building a wall, spreading hate, or banning 1.6 billion people with big ears… “believe me, i assure you… it can be fixed… it would be huuuuuge!”

robert james talbot, texan, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

so you see my friend, we are being very silly… we are judging the book, by a… banana peel. i mean look at this chap to the far right, robert james talbot! he looks like glenn luchford, sweet, talented, fashion saavy probably. but he aint’. he’s a bad mother… as my brother james brown used to say. but you can’t start hating all dorky looking white people like glenn or robert here? or worse hating all christians because a bunch nutcases killed another bunch of people in a church, just for the color of their skin… or because jesus told him so the other night?

jared lee loghner, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

on the other hand you can go right ahead and hate this guy. i mean his mother probably hated him too. only alex jones loved him and he loved alex back.

timothy mcveigh, united states, christian (not a nice guy, google him)

and then there’s this guy… who hated new order… i mean i didn’t love them either, but at least joy division and ian curtis where pretty damn ok. fuckin’ chill out dude!

so let’s not be as stupid as some stupid people. let’s be safe. let’s be compassionate. let’s be smart. let’s be humans. lets go read some history. and the next time you complain about people being fooled by fox news, or CNN, or isis, or exxon, or trump, or crooked hillary, which ever kool-aid they are on, just remember that out of 7 billion people on this earth, 6.5 billion of them bought into, the very believable story, that there is some incompetent old dude up there running the show. if they bought into that, they’d buy into anything. its just you and i my friend, left here to save mother earth from this ignorance. good luck and good night. by dd