WWII and the rise of the SS in full color recently restored

a civilian political leader, adolf hitler, with only “good intentions” for the mother land…

young idyllic german youth with initially good intentions

the rise of the SS to power

 and the propaganda which followed that poisoned the minds of ordinary citizens.

remember that this already happened.

this is a great historic documentary in these very trying times. regardless of your current political views this is a good lesson in history and the events that lead to a disaster, not just for the nation itself, but for the world as a whole. worth a watch if you have any interest in the past or the future. enjoy and feel free to share it. by ar

model vs. model


have you ever seen a calvin klein perfume ad and thought, “yes, but what if this were more disturbed?” then nicolas winding refn has a new movie for you. the writer/director is back with a new horror thriller, the neon demon, and, because it was made by nicholas winding refn, it of course looks very violent, very stylish, and very twisted. if you are interested in a crazy danish man and a bunch of murderous models, this is a must see for you. the neon demon will debut at cannes next month. by sv

Nouvelle Vague in fragments


this is actually not from the films, but hell it looks great… this is not a love song!


jean seberg in jean-luc goddard’s breathless.

a nice collage from the various JLG earlier films, a woman is a woman, breathless, and the like. this is godard in fragments from criterion collection. enjoy. by sv

every man for himself: jean luc godard interview with dick cavett back in 1980

JLG-The-Dick-Cavett-Show jean-luc-godard-interview

“i never went away… maybe i was pushes away” – JLG

every man for himself: “people ask of film things they would never ask of poetry… or art… why?” – JLG

“when people go into exile from their own country that means there is something good in them…” – JLG

interview part 1 and 2 of 6 see rest here

dick cavett interviews GOD himself… jean luc godard in 1980 discussing critics reviews of his film at the time, “every man for himself” a film about the lives of a man (jacques dutronc), a woman (nathalie baye) and a prostitute (isabelle huppert) when they cross paths, classic godard synopsis… maybe this one has an extra 3rd person but otherwise… love this man talking about jerry lewis, howard hawks, and hitchcock and was such a pleasure to see this 30+ years after… uh would appreciate this one. by ac

there should be a movie category called “romantic tragedy”: the romanov family story

romanov-the last-tzar-russian-history-Imperial-Family

now this was a real love story with a real tragic ending. not like the shit they write up in hollywood. the romanov family from left to right: olga, maria, nicholas II, alexandra, anastasia, alexei, and tatiana at the livadia palace in 1913


exterior of the livadia palace in 1913

part 1 of 3

the romanov dynasty, and russias involvement in WWI against germany, ended with the arrival of lenin from switzerland, who was assisted by russias enemy, germany herself. ironically tzar nicholas of russia and germany’s monarch kaiser wilhelm II, who were at war with one another, were actually related (first cousins – don’t ever expect loyalty from any royal or rich man). after the arrival of lenin and the abdication of the russian monarch, the family was put under house arrest… but with in month of the revolution the entire family was shot at point blank in the basement of the house they were sent to in the north. this included the beautiful 4 daughters and nicholas’ young son alexi. from what i gather they were perhaps the best of monarchs… that is when you compare autocrats and dictators of the time. very sad and tragic life indeed, especially for the children who were completely innocent. by uh

the true cost: an every-season essential


“the true cost” the movie: know what your cheap clothes, that you don’t need, are doing to this world

true cost fashion documentary movie trailer

behind the scenes with director andrew morgan explaining why he was led to make the  documentary film “the true cost”

yes this is an older film but i just saw it. a great movie for anyone in the fashion, design, advertising community but also for anyone who is a consumer of cheap things, from H&M, to gap, to zara, to forever 21. you will be thinking twice before you buy yet another item you don’t need. “in reality they are making us, and this world poor, yet giving us the illusion of being rich, by offering us cheap things we don’t need at cost we truly don’t understand“… a must see. by kl

alejandro iñárritu: the revenant, complete with buffalo carpaccio


the revenant: buffalos, indians, and the great planes… sign me up!

based on a novel by michael punke

this guy, leo carpaccio, is not  a favorite of ours but when pickings in hollywood are so slim he will have to do. like johnny depp he has tried his best to avoid the horrendous film scripts he and johnny took on at the early part of their careers. plus working with martin scorsese did win him some accolades from us as well. here again he is teaming up with a great director, alejandro g. iñárritu (tier 2) aiming to do something worthy. and look at that music by ryuichi sakamoto!!!! (long time no see). we’re sure this will not be an epic film to hold up, like say “aguirre wrath of god”, but as far as entertainment goes, this could be a good potential. i’m bummed as i can’t find the original trailer i saw, with buffalos and a horse dropping down a major cliff in the end (anyone? links?), but this will have to do. its worth waiting for on DVD or netflix if you ask me…. we only go the cinema to support our favorite directors (lynch, JLG, wes anderson, herzog, etc). by xy

girl on a motorcycle: anke eve goldmann and her BMW R69S


anke eve goldmann with her BMW R69S back in 1957

girl on a motorcycle starring…

anke eve goldman as journalist and bike enthusiast who wrote for moto revue in france. she was the first woman to ride a motorcycle with a one-piece leather racing suit, made for her by german manufacturer harro, which in my opinion, stated the S&M craze ; ) she was the source for the character rebecca in the book titled the motorcycle (1963) by andre pieyre de mandiargues. that book was made into a movie, the girl on a motorcycle, later staring guess who? marianne faithfull. by dd

columbus day special: ken burns the west


photograph of sitting bull (the indian one with feathers, but not actually from india) and buffalo bill (the white guy with a fake looking stache, looking very custer like) in 1895 by william notman 

“fight no more forever” –chief joseph

according to chief sitting bull … it was a “good day to die”… but it turned out he didn’t have to, it was general custer’s last stand! ken burns: “the battle of little big horn–a good day to die”

ken burns is an incredible, world respected documentary director, and this series is yet another example of his thorough research and amazing story-telling. an apt post for columbus day… happy shopping, but just take a moment to pause in respect of the true natives of this land… and if you enjoy this be sure to look up the documentary by ken burns on the history of jazz, amazing as well. by xy

what really happened to edward snowden?


what happened to edward snowden? terminal F documentary

i was looking up london fashion week and the latest on lady gaga, and came up with this awesome video of byonce that then, of course, took me to this rare behind-the-scenes clip of an old reality show with baby kendall jenner, when i randomly stumbled upon this downer, which basically ruined my day! but you know what, us millennials know how knowledge is like the awesomest asset, so i thought why not… ill give like 5 seconds of my precious time… and here’s the blah blah about the film:

“the documentary, made by german investigative journalist john goetz and danish documentary filmmaker poul-erik heilbuth, tells edward snowden’s story from the moment he left the US for hong kong to his arrival to terminal F at moscow’s sheremetyevo sirport in 2013. snowden was granted temporary asylum in russia in 2013 after spending a month in the Terminal F of the sheremetyevo international airport. having received a three-year residence permit in 2014, he continues to live in russia.”  by xy