Amok Science: Did the Polio vaccine in congo created the AIDS virus?

hilary koprowski was the target of accusations in the press, an allegation long refuted by “evidence” showing that the HIV-1 virus was introduced to humans long before his polio-vaccine trials were conducted in africa. however, the “evidence” is disputed and targeted in this documentary.

polio (oral) vaccine used in belgian congo as an experiment

I must say that I’m a total supporter of vaccines, and I believe strongly in the opinion of the scientific community. but like all good things that can go astray, I do have serious concerns about the lack of honesty, greed and monetary realities of the pharmaceutical complex. it is very very possible that this was a lapse of judgement, or involved a handful of bad apples, but it had to be suppressed in order to salvage the confidence of the public, save the moral standing of the west and avoid financial disaster for the pharmaceutical companies involved. that is very plausible and this documentary by channel four surely raises those doubts and drills holes into the conclusion of the royal society. watch it, judge for yourself, but don’t form an opinion till you research this thoroughly. by dd

here’s a film on godard written by anna about love: funny how godard only made love stories that had nothing to do with love?

louis garrel and stacy martin as jean-luc godard and anne wiazemsky

and the real GOD (ard)!

redoubtable a film about jean-luc godard by michel hazanavicius

sorry folks, but a movie on jean-luc godard to us, is like a movie about mohammad to the isis crew – we have no choice but to issue a full fatwah against the director. i’m sure we’ll have to go see it, just to rag on it. i anticipate this will be like the serge gainsbourg film “a heroic life”, which won the prestigious gold award for worse title ever… disappointing and somewhat of a shame. by ars + dd

a little film on serge gainsbourg

serge gainsbourg on dog abuse. this is near the end of the time when he was somewhat manageable. poor serge… in his drunken years he embarrassed himself many times, not to mention with whitney houston of all people; but, we do miss him nonetheless. i finally saw the film, gainsbourg: a heroic life, which was awful and rather shameless. the only bits of interest surfaced around the resemblance of eric elmosnino to serge, and laetitia casta’s surprisingly decent acting in the bardot dance. true serge fans would have thrown their repettos at the director joann sfar. how could you screw up such a life? by dd

frozen kenny: south park

as some of you may know i live in a log cabin in the secluded woods of northern vermont and have not had a cable connection since i was 2. i just wanted to share my latest discovery of this show that has been playing on the television for some time apparently, and its called south park… for no specific reason. you may know about it. i was watching wes anderson’s fantastic mister fox one day and was laughing about jarvis cocker’s hillbilly tune in the film and my friend said “well that’s right out of south park”.

south park? i was intrigued, and so i watched a bunch of episodes the other day and “starvin marvin” and “the cartman robot” were quite noteworthy and profound. that said, the rest was a good pile of crap. not funny and not even gross enough (that’s if you’ve ever watched passolini’s salo) it was not really anything, just a good waste of 20 minutes. but from one complainer to another i like the fact that they basically rag on everything. they should start making plastic figures and t-shirts. they would do quite well. by dd

the review of the film: shoe by Andre Saraiva

the film shoe by swedish-born, french adopted, graffiti artist monsieur a, turned club owner and man-about-town is finally here. the first installment, or perhaps trailer, with a very long title sequence launched this weekend on nowness. nowness, for the record, is owned by LVMH and was previously known as e-luxury, which was shut down and re-grounded into its current format, an editorial site to squeeze goods in, between goods. the part one clip (posted here) does have a nice title sequence by andre reminiscent of saul bass and other 60’s giants. it was also nicely colorized and filmed in paris, where we follow the “metatarsus varus” french actor walkabout town and kiss a girl. the plot really steams up when he hands out two cigarettes to two seated girls. when asked, olivier zahn, the co-writer of this so far silent film, said “the film is about a character very close to any young french guy who likes to flirt with girls in paris.” very interesting and unusual indeed! the depth here reminds me of the early days of purple. when it was in a book format and co-published by elein fleiss. now of course we don’t want to speak prematurely without seeing the entire film, but if the intention here was to intrigue, we are still awaiting the intrigue. by dd


shame on french directors marc caro and jean-pierre jeunet (city of lost children) for not taking this on first leaving it to hollywood and spielberg to kakk this up. that said, i’ll probably check it out but not in theaters.  that venue is reserved for proper films by lynch, godard, the coen brothers, wes anderson, and a handful of others. by dd