handcraft your fetish


fleet ilya leather fox mask


fleet ilya leather cage harness photographed by rita minissi


fleet ilya leather hand craft technique in video segment


fleet ilya leather half web corset


fleet ilya leather cross back bra photographed by rita minissi


hand crafted fetish is the founding aesthetic of the leather accessory collection named fleet ilya.  artist rita minissi’s explored the collection through her photographic lens in the images above.  one can view more of this project as well as rita minissi’s complete body of work on instagram thingspowerthemselves.   some of the traditional saddle making techniques used to produce fleet ilya are artfully revealed in this black and white video.  by jj


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.58.46 PM





my latest find is odiseo – a biannual publication that offers both visual and intellectual stimuli circulating around erotic photography and contemporary essays. the most interesting aspect of odiseo is that it balances philosophical stories and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. odiseo is a project initiated by barcelona based design agency folch.

‘we do define ourselves as erotic, but not as a magazine. as opposed to most magazines we do not seek to publish current content, but rather speculative essays dealing with topics that may or may not be of relevance in the near future.’
– pol pérez


odiseo vol.7 is dedicated to the notion of truth. the issue is launched as a triptych, which was shot by photographer juan hernández. in this publication you’ll find a sensitive approach with photographic essays by one of my favorite photographers, paul jung, as well as some great written opinion pieces including eugenia lapteva and hans frederik jacobsen. by lb

we all need heroes to look up to: there’s rosa parks, malala yousafzai, pussy riots or ceily myrus


yet another walt disney super-star grows up to be a wanna-be pornstar!


you gotta wonder what really happens there at disney with these kids?


all photographs by terry richardson for candy magazine


who said they wanted a man in uniform?


now that’s adorable! a pussy cat! and what’s that? a native american dream catcher? how thoughtful


and she smokes too? oh my? what a rebel…


ok, we can agree with this one, we approve of underarm hair for men and women.


sorry not that hot. you should see my butt…

terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-nude-candy-7   terry-richardson-miley-cyrus-nude-candy-11

oh look a black dong… now “that’s so awesome!

well, well, well… well done guys! you know what, we don’t really have any problems with subversive imagery. as a matter of fact we generally like ’em. the problem arises when the work is created as a means-to-an-end. when the piece itself is meant to be shocking for no other reason that to say “looky here… i’m so shocking!!!”. and frankly miley cyrus, her music, her life, her appearance, her philosophy (not that she has one) is anything but shocking. she’s your average talent less ding-dong teenager who is desperate for fame and fortune, but with very little to offer or be noticed for (kim kardashian, lady gaga, and the rest of em fit right in line here). what’s disturbing with her (aside from the fact that cyrus is not really that hot) is that, she and say britney spears, had built a following of young girls in their days at disney, and whether they like it or not, they knowingly or unknowingly, are dragging these young directionless girls into this world and anesthetizing them the point were wearing black dong or shoving a baton in your mouth seems just “awesome” and nothing more than that, when in fact they are. i think sinead o’connor, miley’s ex-hero (?), would be quite proud. by xy

Just to even the grounds here’s Nastassja Kinski in the summer of 1970s

Nastasia-Kinski-nude -bikini

hello summer.


and just so you all behave… here’s her father, klaus. nice guy, short temper. just ask werner…

image 1: nastassja kinski, daughter of klaus kinski. image 2: a rare picture on location for the film “aguirre wrath of god” by werner herzog. pure genius, go see it if you haven’t, its 2 hours of nastassja walking in the amazon in her bikini… kinda… and then klaus comes in, and kills werner. by dd

the powers of katsu

katsu power of ten eames graffiti power of katsu

now that katsu did the first drone graffiti in the world on the latest kendall jenner ck billboard, we thought it was a good opportunity to post the great graffiti version of the classic eames movie, powers of ten. by kt

men we love: six films by alain robbe grillet






is that anna karina? no but a marie-france pisier. uncanny!



jean-louis trintigant





you may know him for his involvement in “last year at marienbad” but french writer, alain robbe grillet’s classic films were until recently near impossible to buy in the united states, or so i thought until i saw that kino classics (redemption) have re-released not just DVD, but blue ray versions of robbe grillet’s films; “successive slidings of pleasure”, “l’immortelle”, “the man who lies”, “eden and after”, and “n. throws the dice”. my search just now for the films resulted in, just another of his great films trans europe express“, but no dice on the rest… i reckon they will be available soon as the post i read was teasing the release as late as oct 2014. by uh