she’s back





cara-delevingne-puma-ambassador-7    cara-delevingne-puma-ambassador-8

she’s back and she’s the newly appointed ambassador for puma… i was never a huge fan but i guess this works, for a photoshoot outside of katz’s deli of a girl walking a dog. not too sure what this has to do with puma and their new ‘do you’ campaign, maybe i’m missing something, or maybe it’s ‘fashion’. by lb

walk the line: a good place to go to


i was online looking for a magnifying glass, when i stumbled upon this lovely object in this lovely store. the line nyc (see link in the shop section of our blog).


“swedish metal-smith skultuna places a convex lens in a luminous ring of polished brass that eliminates the need for a handle.” more importantly, this is just a beautiful object to look at… i just wish it was a 50% bigger and twice as heavy. but it may be just right for you. $135 at the line nyc.


“it was designed by olivia herms, a veteran of stockholm-based claesson koivisto rune who is now working in the munich studio of designer konstantin grcic.”


another beautifully selected object was this all natural hand made horse hair and oil-treated beechwood brush. it is fitted with bristles of horse hair hand tied by wires on the other side of the brush. “designed in the tradition of swedish craftsmanship by iris hantverk whom has more than a century of brush making experience.” just $29 at the line nyc.


and the dust pan to go with it… “black metal form, with its ruffled edges, has a short, looped handle for easy hanging.” just $15 at the line nyc.


good vintage: this beautiful vintage hermes world clock is just one of the few random items they have lying around the apartment at the line. i inquired about this but unfortunately it was already sold out. now i really want it.


vintage hermes world clock: $1,900 at the line.


so go and check it out… fashioned after ‘the apartment’, except done much much better, their new york store is located on green street in soho. don’t look for “a store” as this one is located upstairs in the 2nd floor, don’t mind the silly sign that reads “by appointment only” listen, we’ve all made mistakes. upstairs you will find a nice quaint apt where you can rummage through an imaginary persons closet and try things on, except everything will be available in your size. this is a concept store above your average retail store… after all who can afford retail spaces in new york these days other than the gap, h&m, and footlocker? damn this capitalist society. we are, i suppose, champagne communists you may say, but au contraire, we just hate buying shit you have to throw away tomorrow. horse hair english mattress, fine bone china, and apc jeans (because you’ll never have to throw those jeans away… apc will buy back your torn ones). in any case we love this store and wish there would be many more like this in our beloved new york city which has been depleted of energy and interest by the real estate elite. go bernie, go the line. and so be it if we don’t fit your image of cliches. see link in the shop section for the line nyc. by uh

most amazing country house upstate new york by wojr architects


“your country cottage has just landed”


its all about glass, glass, glass


darth vader will be welcomed


this house was clearly made to sit in the snow, just remember that flat roofs often leak


renders? the glass is suspiciously one “piece-ed”



two homes, created for two brothers


that bike comes in handy in this snow


nice but a bit too obvious and trendy… the usual suspect prouvé lamp and chairs : (


a litte paragraph from the horses mouth: “the agricultural development of the land between the two houses separates them visually (to varying degrees depending on season) while linking them inextricably, both infrastructurally and communally.” you gotta love architects. i can’t understand a word in the last part of that sentence!

that said architecture studio WOJR designed ‘twins’, a site located in upstate new york that consists of two geometric buildings facing each other. created for two brothers, the two houses feature different shapes, a hexagon and a four-sided polygon, yet both are built from the same five structural components. additionally, the homes are linked to each other through an underground piping system for water supply and the like. beautiful and enviable all the same. love it. by dd

190 bowery

190 bowery 3

190 bowery 4

there’s this devilish sense of the grime that’s completely unfiltered about 190 bowery. a staple to the lower east side, it’s one of the last reminiscences i get from the jean basquiat heroin infused days of new york.

having just sold for 55 million (originally bought for 100k in the 60’s) – whole foods clones across the street are, i’m sure, thrilled. by sp

nobu white plains: ex-nobu chef opens sushi nanase


white plains is not exactly on the list of places to go but this is worth the trip. no walk-ins, make a reservation, “please don’t mix the wasabi in the soy sauce”, ask questions. show your interest. you will find that the takedas open up in their quiet, reverent way. by av

henri matisse the cut outs

henri matisse’s show at moma new york opened on october 12th and will be up till feb 8th. the cut outs which we all know so well take on a different life when seen up close. i saw the show in a fly by visits, but going to see it again this weekend. highly recommended. more info here. also check out the robert gober piece’s which is why we went there initially… by uh

new yorkers for japan: new yorker magazine

anna – model

christopher korey – stylist

ucef hanjani – creative director

ashlee ownes – fashion blogger

dashiel brahmann – designer

vassili di napoli – kuboraum

one has to wonder what brings these people to this city and onto japans new yorkers. i think new york is the one place that you can be anyone or anything, dress up or down, be a fool or a fox and yet, you can walk around completely unnoticed… unless by a few street photographers like wataru bob shimosato… so go ahead, do what you please, cause everyday is halloween in NYC… by ar

david hockney: woldgate woods 9 camera video

this is how the cameras were mounted and operated by hockney himself

thank you chris obrien for the video

love this video series by david hockney of woldgate woods, england where he lived. there were the four seasons captured on video through this 9 panel installation mirroring his polaroids and photographs he’s so well known for. the winter sequence shot on november 26th (2010) is currently at pace gallery new york and seeing it was so beautiful, it made me want to move out of the city for the first time. worth a visit if you can skip a few shows. by uh

morbid anatomy

homo ex humo morbid anatomy museum

the morbid anatomy museum is finally complete, happily residing in their new headquarters in gowanus, brooklyn. i have attended two lectures there so far, both by the knowledgeable and charming dr. john troyer of the university of bath. the first lecture focused on the environmental issue of corpses; basically if their organic biomass is hazardous or helpful. the second dealt with the necrophilia laws in the united states, a case in wisconsin in particular, and other death-related errs in our country’s jurisprudence. nearly every night there is a fascinating lecture in the museum’s basement, and of course, the museum is open during the day as well to satisfy your skeletal cravings. the above photo is called homo ex humo (man from the dust) and can be found on the museum’s website. by sv

bloody, bloody jeff koons

jeff koons vandalized

these days when gallivanting in new york city, the presence of jeff koons is preeminent. his retrospective at the whitney museum is the first for both the artist and the museum; his work fills the entirety of the marcel breuer building. hated and loved by critics alike, one in particular took it upon himself to enter the retrospective yesterday, splatter red paint (in all its fallen angel glory) all over the wall and scribble a somewhat unidentifiable signature below. it is rumored to be monty cantsin (alias of istvan candor, a neoist), or possibly johnny rotten’s evil twin? either way, if you don’t agree with the politicking behind jeff koons, is this the best way to display that? [image and information courtesy of hyperallergicby sv