boom and your in london in 3.5 hrs


the new supersonic jet to replace the concord for the same price as today’s business class.

meet boom. boom is a prototype for a new supersonic passenger airplane that will be able to fly new york to london in just 3.5 hours, slightly quicker than concorde used to. but here’s the best part, boom states that it is using existing technologies to keep costs low, and the business model is based on flights being about the same price as a current business class is today, that is approx $2500 each way. apparently boom is already in development and test flights are planned for late 2017. fasten your seat belts, were coming to london for dinner. read more about boom supersonic jets here. by ac

Prozac replacement


30-minute meditation with the transportive power of sound.

with all the drama, screaming, moaning and groaning that we do over here, we occasionally take some time to set our mind straight. these meditations from ‘welcome earth’ are pretty dope, they are free, but you do have to register via email… pop in your headphones and let this one settle in, you can always thank us later. by hk

she’s back





cara-delevingne-puma-ambassador-7    cara-delevingne-puma-ambassador-8

she’s back and she’s the newly appointed ambassador for puma… i was never a huge fan but i guess this works, for a photoshoot outside of katz’s deli of a girl walking a dog. not too sure what this has to do with puma and their new ‘do you’ campaign, maybe i’m missing something, or maybe it’s ‘fashion’. by lb



love this video, and the dance. i wanna’ learn to dance like this :))) i just don’t get the black dude on the corner and why he thinks honolulu is in japan? by ars

a lab on fire




have not tried the perfume yet, but now that frederic malle is sold to estée lauder, i guess its room for another niche brand giving some shine to the nose/perfumer behind the scents. working together with industry legends such as sophia grojsman, bruno jovanovic, carlos benaim and dominique ropion my hopes are definitely up… make sure to check them out here… by kt



kenzo world fragrance commercial by spike jonez.

latest, but not the greatest, from spike jones. it’s a strange character for a brand like kenzo, even though a cool clip, looks like spike jonez had an idea and sold it to the first brand that was willing to pay for it. at least we enjoyed watching a 3.5 minutes movie-like commercial with our little crazy girl. by uh

design to annoy


a theoretical look at designing inefficient packaging. a project i found online by erik askin that deals with designing “bad” packaging to make smoking more annoying.

what if to discourage smoking, cigarette cartons were designed to be less convenient? in 1940 raymond leowy re-designed the packaging and logo for lucky strike cigarettes revitalizing the brand and bringing great success to the company. the standard flip-top cigarette box is an excellent design. in terms of presentation, accessibility, and branding, a pack of cigarettes is fantastic. currently, cigarette companies are required to put warnings on their packages about the dangers of smoking. what if we took it a step further?

first, what makes the cigarette carton such a good idea? 1) convenience. cartons allow smokers to easily access and store cigarettes, and the design is easy to manufacture. 2) branding. the logo orientation and point of purchase display provides excellent brand advertising and turns the area behind the register into a huge billboard. 3) portability. cartons fill well into our daily lives by accommodating items such as wallets and cell phones, and fit easily into our pockets.

within reason, how impractical can we make cigarette cartons?






by testing out different orientations, sizes, and flip tops, the least-ergonomic and least efficient design within reason was discovered…

marlboro-cigerette-packaging-bad-design4 (1)

“the diamond carton”

by addressing issues such as accessibility, portability, branding, and manufacturing, the diamond carton makes life subtly harder for smokers.


marlboro-cigerette-packaging-bad-design3 (1)

the box’s physical orientation makes it hard to display the logo and brand.


the orientation and taper of the carton, makes access and sharing difficult (some might say that is a positive thing).

marlboro-cigerette-packaging-bad-design1 (1)

the multi-faceted sides fit poorly in the pocket.


the point of purchase, the carton is oriented in such a way that brand advertising is minimized.


the manufacturing pattern for the diamond carton is more complicated and requires more material.


the diamond carton is an example of packaging which is meant to make your life harder. while this concept would be tough to implement, it is an interesting look at how by ‘breaking the rules’ of design, we could discourage the use of a harmful product… make smoking inconvenient for smokers. by lb

johnny cash and friends: some strange friends!!!



justin timberlake? kanye west? johnny cash? they just don’t belong on the same line?

i have to say i had not seen this johnny cash video of the song “gods gonna cut you down” also known as “run on” if you happen to be a moby fan… amazing song, interesting video… it is a cool homage to johnny and nice to see all these current losers tryin to connect themselves to the man. a bunch of em made some sense like iggy pop, kris kristofferson, denis hopper, woody harrelson, mick jones, even bono maybe, keith richards, johnny depp, q-tip, patti smith, and ok fine even jay z. but what the hell are these other guys doin in there? lame-o’s like kanye west, justin timberlake, chris martin, adam levine (maroon 5), amy lee of evanescence, emily robison, sharon stone, and brian wilson? …that said we can always forgive those using kate moss for decoration. by dd

this is calming


surfing at 1000 frames per second. all images were shot using the phantom flex, phantom miro m-320s and the new phantom 4k flex with arri ultra prime lenses and chris bryan films custom underwater housing’s. by lb




from conway electric, this white extension cord featuring a flexible cotton-covered wire cord connected to a die-cast aluminum stainless steel housing. the exto2 12ft in white is sold for $65.




i think i like this only for the odd shape.. a chef quality cutting board in maple, featuring a circular handle, smooth beveled edges and a minimal engraved branding. the amoeba cutting board comes in 2 different sizes and can be purchased for $145.




i bought this a few months ago, and let me tell you… i get at least one compliment a day. areaware produced 4 different shaped brass key rings with a minimal screw clasp. designed by karl zahn, if you have tiny wrists like mine, you can slip it on or clip it to a belt. this contour key ring can be purchased for $16.



simple and rustic bottle opener from areaware, designed by brendan ravenhill. this is not just a regular bottle opener.. this one features 2 magnets, 1 allowing the bottle opener to be kept on the fridge and one to catch a bottle cap!! this opener can be purchased for $14.




from hasami porcelain, an unglazed porcelain bottle with a cork stopper in natural. not sure what the point of this is, but it looks pretty and i wouldn’t mind pouring my wine out of this rather than an ordinary bottle. you can purchase this for $36.

these are a few of my favorite things… all of which can be purchased on they have a lot of amazing things and would recommend all to check it out – if not for yourself then as a special gift for someone special. by lb

jovian aurora


jupiter is happening today. it has been described as a planet on steroids with everything being bigger and more intense than any other planet. here’s a picture of recently discovered jovian aurora, which are ultraviolet polar light shows.


and here is a beautiful image from NASA showing a rare triple eclipse. by kl