Yves Saint Laurent: “Manifesto” Fragrance Film by director Nicolas Winding Refn

“my vision for the YSL campaign is two worlds. one with jessica chastain as a painter and the other one, jessica, the woman. those two worlds collide when she meets her man and she gives him her manifesto, which is essentially her heart. it was about creating a world of fantasy and a world of reality and then blending them into each other.” –director nicolas winding refn

behind the scenes with jessica chastain & nicolas winding refn

yves saint laurent “manifesto” featuring zero dark thirty star jessica chastain, and model sergio muniz was directed by nicolas winding refn, in collaboration with natacha dzikowski in rome, italy. ending with the tagline “daring is an art”, the film portrays “a woman who believes in intuition, audacity and desire”. get your manifesto here. by ts