black hole effect

vantablack art tomorrow started

Vantablack tomorrow started

we can’t wait for the new “vantablack” to hit the shelves manifested as a little black chanel dress or a saint laurent suit. the newly created nano material is capable of absorbing 99.965 percent of light within the visible spectrum, making it the darkest material known to man. the material, so dark that you actually can’t see it, is so mind boggling that when observed in real life, it is like looking into a never ending black hole. naturally no image of the material can reproduce the black hole effect. by kt

glass house by tokujin yoshioka

tokujin yoshioka glass teahouse 1

tokujin yoshioka glass teahouse 2

tokujin yoshioka glass teahouse 3

tokujin yoshioka glass teahouse 4

tokujin yoshioka glass teahouse 5

we find a lot of inspiration in tokujin yoshioka’s projects, and one of his latest finalized piece is quite phenomenal. yoshioka have made a reinterpretation of a japanese tea house made entirely of glass, residing next to a buddhist temple in kyoto. by kt

the powers of katsu

katsu power of ten eames graffiti power of katsu

now that katsu did the first drone graffiti in the world on the latest kendall jenner ck billboard, we thought it was a good opportunity to post the great graffiti version of the classic eames movie, powers of ten. by kt

abandoned hotels





as if time has stood still since the last occupant. eerie does not even begin to describe what urban explorer thomas windisch has captured of the present state, vacated and forgotten hotels of austria. marvel at these snapshots from the link above. by lb


“see, i will always have this penchant for what i call kamikaze women. i call them kamikazes because they, you know they crash their plane, they’re self destructive.
but they crash into you, and you die along with them.”

woody allen

csys lamp

jake dyson csys 1

jake dyson csys 3

jake dyson csys lamp

jake dyson csys 2

if you need a new floor or desk lamp, we highly recommend the csys lamp, designed by jake dyson (yes, its the son of the legendary vacuum designer james dyson). the beauty in the design comes from a highly technical and sophisticated approach to improve the longevity of the led bulbs and to enhance the user experience when adjusting the position of the light source. it’s revitalizing to see a designer developing a new lamp (since we really don’t need yet another one…) with a purely functionality approach and where the aesthetic is a byproduct of the construction rather than a mindless shell. by kt

nobu white plains: ex-nobu chef opens sushi nanase


white plains is not exactly on the list of places to go but this is worth the trip. no walk-ins, make a reservation, “please don’t mix the wasabi in the soy sauce”, ask questions. show your interest. you will find that the takedas open up in their quiet, reverent way. by av