Amok Science: Did the Polio vaccine in congo created the AIDS virus?

hilary koprowski was the target of accusations in the press, an allegation long refuted by “evidence” showing that the HIV-1 virus was introduced to humans long before his polio-vaccine trials were conducted in africa. however, the “evidence” is disputed and targeted in this documentary.

polio (oral) vaccine used in belgian congo as an experiment

I must say that I’m a total supporter of vaccines, and I believe strongly in the opinion of the scientific community. but like all good things that can go astray, I do have serious concerns about the lack of honesty, greed and monetary realities of the pharmaceutical complex. it is very very possible that this was a lapse of judgement, or involved a handful of bad apples, but it had to be suppressed in order to salvage the confidence of the public, save the moral standing of the west and avoid financial disaster for the pharmaceutical companies involved. that is very plausible and this documentary by channel four surely raises those doubts and drills holes into the conclusion of the royal society. watch it, judge for yourself, but don’t form an opinion till you research this thoroughly. by dd

rihanna vs black mirror : the resemblances are uncanny!!

rihanna – love on the brain

black mirror: jessica brown-findlay – anyone who knows what love is

I was wondering why i like this song, when i simply cannot stand rihanna, i can’t help but be intrigued if they actually were influenced to do this song based on the early episode of black mirror from season 1? by dd

Birth, fish, bubble, sex, needle, and death… have we intrigued you enough?

a beautifully curious film…

directed by cyrille de vignemont

as a music video for poni hoax (antibodies) the french electro band

featuring controversial diptych of fish/birth, needle/skin and my favorite; naked ikura!


poni hoax antibodies music video

a beautifully curious film for an otherwise not so interesting lyrics and mediocre track. a good reminder of how great talent can make anything ordinary into something extra ordinary. the visuals are so curious they draw you in, but they are not just sensationalist fodder, they begin to align and draw parallels in your mind, the needle that begs to penetrate that floating balloon, the fish gasping for air, and saturn devouring its children… like any good piece of literature or film, what they all mean is up to interpretation, so let it all sink in. the world needs more of this and less of byonce’s silly rhetoric and infantile erotic choreography. the above clip reminds us of another great video we wrote about, perhaps one of our favorite music videos for yet another mediocre band; scissor sisters. you may want to check that out as well, your welcome to turn the sound off. by xy

here’s a film on godard written by anna about love: funny how godard only made love stories that had nothing to do with love?

louis garrel and stacy martin as jean-luc godard and anne wiazemsky

and the real GOD (ard)!

redoubtable a film about jean-luc godard by michel hazanavicius

sorry folks, but a movie on jean-luc godard to us, is like a movie about mohammad to the isis crew – we have no choice but to issue a full fatwah against the director. i’m sure we’ll have to go see it, just to rag on it. i anticipate this will be like the serge gainsbourg film “a heroic life”, which won the prestigious gold award for worse title ever… disappointing and somewhat of a shame. by ars + dd

and now for some fake news: but a fun documentary – the dubious friends of donald trump

look at that pretty deal-maker face… and those gull wing collars on that jacket! def not a  loser!

this is a documentary about “…trump’s business and personal ties to oligarchs from the former soviet union, and their connections with the netherlands…”

part II: why is oprah the screen shot for this film when shes completely irrelevant to the film? – Aha! this is a black conspiracy… clearly!

part II covers “donald trump’s controversial friends, including billionaire Lev Leviev, suspected of trading in blood diamonds. He is one of the world’s biggest diamond traders and owns prestigious stores in new york and moscow, but he is also the owner of siebel, the netherlands’ biggest jewellery chain. leviev has ties with russian president putin, US president trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. trump, however, claims he hardly knows this “king of diamonds.”

who made this documentary? zembla. they are a dutch television program. the documentaries are based on in-depth research. a documentary in 2001 about fraud in the dutch construction sector led to parliamentary inquiries. in may 2006, the program exposed the fact that politician ayaan hirsi ali had lied in her claim for asylum, which led to her resignation from parliament. this documentary was made in 2017 it has not lead to any resignations yet! more on zembla.

happy watching and for any accurate reporting please refer to breitbart news, or your facebook feed from friends. by ar

glen luchford and beyond: gucci FW2017 campaign

image from gucci FW2017 campaign by photographer/director glen luchford

richard carlson, julia adams: the creature from the black lagoon

gucci and beyond fall winter 2017 campaign – star-trek

at the controls

star-trek cosmic beauties

gucci FW2017 glasses – green paint optional

glen of glenda? more like vulcan…

and here’s a clip from the master that won us over, this definitely wants to be a motion campaign and not a still…

the cat is so awesome, and the camera shakes, on the floor amazing… we want to see more please

a few of our selects from gucci’s creative director alessandro michele’s fall collection

can not think of a better person to shoot this piece of work than our beloved, sir glen luchford. what a massively fun shoot and it surely shows. the fun and the joy of putting this together comes right through to the finished work, and what a breath of fresh air in our dusty commercialized and lifeless world of fashion advertising. this loving homage to kitsch sci-fi horror films and bygone days of late night TV, stands the hell out from everything that is out there. much credit is due to art director, christopher simmonds, which i reckon dreamed up the initial idea (with glen perhaps) and sold it in to gucci’s creative director, alessandro michele. again the work is only as good as a client lets you create, so credits to you all, but no one could have pulled this off to our satisfaction like glen. aside from his early prada campaign this is for sure the next favorite. proof that LA doesn’t ruin everything that touches it after all. a big ballsy statement for gucci who was suffering some downturns. this will definitely help the top tier take notice, but good luck selling these clothes. (just watch, everyone will be walking down broadway in no time sporting star-trek outfits). much love… by cm

the special AKA : some advice on your racist friend…

the special AKA – “racist friend” by jerry dammers and his coventry based band

if the recent events in charlottesville, virginia (featuring the despicable kkk left overs, the white-supremacist, and the nazi alt-right) has had a silver lining, it’s that it made us all go and re-buy the specials (and AKA) albums all over again. it’s remarkable if not insane, that we still have to deal with such none-sense in 2017! #ignorance… (if only it worked on the web) beautiful song and a great trumpet riff that just fails to become irrelevant… if you like this check out our older post on “the nelson mandela song” written by jerry dammers for mandela before his release and election to south africa’s first black president (sounds like an oxymoron – first black president in south africa!!) o.k. children, its your future not ours, good luck, and good night… by dd

enlightened by the reverend (baron)

 danny garcia (DGar)

rio view by reverend baron from the album by the same title, acoustic piano version

what a find… so happy to have discovered this gem… excerpts from an interview below:

“danny garcia nosegrinded into the southern california skateboarding scene during the late ’90s, quickly making appearances in professional videos and earning sponsorships from big names like quiksilver, etc. now the local favorite nicknamed DGar has added another, more musical moniker: reverend baron. “it is fun to have a name, to have a different personality,” he explains. contrary to the tag’s religious undertones, his music takes on darker folk qualities, with dreamy melodies supporting tales of broken love and everyday hardships. another skateboarder-turned-songwriter. “i’ve always played music,” garcia explains, but “the last 10 years have been a little more (devoted) to playing with different people and learning different things, and advance myself in a different direction.”

“when i was young, i watched skate videos all the time,” he recalls. “at that point, the ’90s and early 2000s, skateboarding videos didn’t have to get rights to use music, because they were all small-scale – they just got away with it. they could just use anything, so i heard van morrison’s stuff and the band love, cream and things like that. “there’s no reason for that name,” he says. “i think matt thought of it. i think we were just talking about making a record, just recording a group of songs. that idea was just a name for a project. “the name is one thing, but you end up defining it. you end up making it. so it could be whatever it is.”  by uh