this is calming


surfing at 1000 frames per second. all images were shot using the phantom flex, phantom miro m-320s and the new phantom 4k flex with arri ultra prime lenses and chris bryan films custom underwater housing’s. by lb




from conway electric, this white extension cord featuring a flexible cotton-covered wire cord connected to a die-cast aluminum stainless steel housing. the exto2 12ft in white is sold for $65.




i think i like this only for the odd shape.. a chef quality cutting board in maple, featuring a circular handle, smooth beveled edges and a minimal engraved branding. the amoeba cutting board comes in 2 different sizes and can be purchased for $145.




i bought this a few months ago, and let me tell you… i get at least one compliment a day. areaware produced 4 different shaped brass key rings with a minimal screw clasp. designed by karl zahn, if you have tiny wrists like mine, you can slip it on or clip it to a belt. this contour key ring can be purchased for $16.



simple and rustic bottle opener from areaware, designed by brendan ravenhill. this is not just a regular bottle opener.. this one features 2 magnets, 1 allowing the bottle opener to be kept on the fridge and one to catch a bottle cap!! this opener can be purchased for $14.




from hasami porcelain, an unglazed porcelain bottle with a cork stopper in natural. not sure what the point of this is, but it looks pretty and i wouldn’t mind pouring my wine out of this rather than an ordinary bottle. you can purchase this for $36.

these are a few of my favorite things… all of which can be purchased on they have a lot of amazing things and would recommend all to check it out – if not for yourself then as a special gift for someone special. by lb

jovian aurora


jupiter is happening today. it has been described as a planet on steroids with everything being bigger and more intense than any other planet. here’s a picture of recently discovered jovian aurora, which are ultraviolet polar light shows.


and here is a beautiful image from NASA showing a rare triple eclipse. by kl


‘the leather issue’








Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.58.46 PM





my latest find is odiseo – a biannual publication that offers both visual and intellectual stimuli circulating around erotic photography and contemporary essays. the most interesting aspect of odiseo is that it balances philosophical stories and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. odiseo is a project initiated by barcelona based design agency folch.

‘we do define ourselves as erotic, but not as a magazine. as opposed to most magazines we do not seek to publish current content, but rather speculative essays dealing with topics that may or may not be of relevance in the near future.’
– pol pérez


odiseo vol.7 is dedicated to the notion of truth. the issue is launched as a triptych, which was shot by photographer juan hernández. in this publication you’ll find a sensitive approach with photographic essays by one of my favorite photographers, paul jung, as well as some great written opinion pieces including eugenia lapteva and hans frederik jacobsen. by lb



a perfect expression of minimalism, symmetry and tidiness. i love these twin cubic cable holders by kebei li. they feel like a distant second cousin of felix gonzalez-torres’s “perfect lovers”… except you can have your own. check out more of kebei’s work @kebeiiiiiiiiiiii by kl

marcel dzama at the new york city ballet

marcel dzama ballet 3

marcel dzama ballet ballet 2

marcel dzama ballet ballet

very excited to attend the “the most incredible thing” at the new york city ballet this saturday that features scenography and costumes by the artist marcel dzama. if you dont know the artist make sure to look up his work and check out the short feature above. by kt

walk the line: a good place to go to


i was online looking for a magnifying glass, when i stumbled upon this lovely object in this lovely store. the line nyc (see link in the shop section of our blog).


“swedish metal-smith skultuna places a convex lens in a luminous ring of polished brass that eliminates the need for a handle.” more importantly, this is just a beautiful object to look at… i just wish it was a 50% bigger and twice as heavy. but it may be just right for you. $135 at the line nyc.


“it was designed by olivia herms, a veteran of stockholm-based claesson koivisto rune who is now working in the munich studio of designer konstantin grcic.”


another beautifully selected object was this all natural hand made horse hair and oil-treated beechwood brush. it is fitted with bristles of horse hair hand tied by wires on the other side of the brush. “designed in the tradition of swedish craftsmanship by iris hantverk whom has more than a century of brush making experience.” just $29 at the line nyc.


and the dust pan to go with it… “black metal form, with its ruffled edges, has a short, looped handle for easy hanging.” just $15 at the line nyc.


good vintage: this beautiful vintage hermes world clock is just one of the few random items they have lying around the apartment at the line. i inquired about this but unfortunately it was already sold out. now i really want it.


vintage hermes world clock: $1,900 at the line.


so go and check it out… fashioned after ‘the apartment’, except done much much better, their new york store is located on green street in soho. don’t look for “a store” as this one is located upstairs in the 2nd floor, don’t mind the silly sign that reads “by appointment only” listen, we’ve all made mistakes. upstairs you will find a nice quaint apt where you can rummage through an imaginary persons closet and try things on, except everything will be available in your size. this is a concept store above your average retail store… after all who can afford retail spaces in new york these days other than the gap, h&m, and footlocker? damn this capitalist society. we are, i suppose, champagne communists you may say, but au contraire, we just hate buying shit you have to throw away tomorrow. horse hair english mattress, fine bone china, and apc jeans (because you’ll never have to throw those jeans away… apc will buy back your torn ones). in any case we love this store and wish there would be many more like this in our beloved new york city which has been depleted of energy and interest by the real estate elite. go bernie, go the line. and so be it if we don’t fit your image of cliches. see link in the shop section for the line nyc. by uh

copper canyon cocktail bar





tall arquitectos have designed a new restaurant/cocktail bar concept, called copper canyon cocktail bar, overlooking the basaseachic falls of mexico. ok, let’s go get a drink asap… just kidding, unfortunately, the copper canyon cocktail bar is merely a proposal. by lb


model vs. model


have you ever seen a calvin klein perfume ad and thought, “yes, but what if this were more disturbed?” then nicolas winding refn has a new movie for you. the writer/director is back with a new horror thriller, the neon demon, and, because it was made by nicholas winding refn, it of course looks very violent, very stylish, and very twisted. if you are interested in a crazy danish man and a bunch of murderous models, this is a must see for you. the neon demon will debut at cannes next month. by sv