such creative outpouring of inspiration: I cant hold back the tears

kinder-gardeners asked to design LV SS19: louis vuitton men’s spring summer 2019

just picking up some groceries at the corner love…. balenciaga spring summer 2018

top #8: paris gypsy’s who play tricks and entertain are a great source of style inspiration

we’re living in a time when kanye is considered a genius, donald trump is considered presidential, and kim kardashian (who sold herself in a sex tape) is considered a business inspiration for young women! should it be any surprise that brands who sell their shit to the same stupid public have hired equally unqualified people to lead their brands? not that fashion EVER was a viable source of inspiration or intelligence but still you must admit there was always some sense of creativity to it… it is a sad times for creativity when you now have some half witted infantile creatives showcasing their 3rd grade arts & craft ideas on the global fashion scene. its bad enough when you have to go see your 3rd graders artwork as a parent, now you are expected to pay $$$ for it! what a gas, just consider this brilliant new idea by virgil abloh…

did you ever wonder what shoes where made of? well now you know.

take an existing shoe that a real designer designed, and tie some zip tie shit you have lying around the house to it so you can look “weird and different”… Aha! next step: triple the price and sell it to some idiot who’s willing to buy it (there are plenty)

I wonder if those are shoelaces? please comment below.

next: now that you have determined what “type” of people buy your shit, help them out. give em a hand. be sure to label things. i mean who would know that the shoes have laces, if you don’t label them? Be sure to indicate what part is foam, what is the logo, and so on. for the good of all man-kind I just hope somewhere on this it says “shoes”. now i wish this terrible creative idea was at least original.

but with your audience also having amnesia they may not remember that this terrible idea was use a decade ago on soap dishes, bottles, gloves etc. there was a time when “mentally-challenged consumers” had the option to buy products that had some stupid graphics, stating what it was, like a cup had the word “cup” written on it, so you wouldn’t use it as a plate. but that fad died very quickly…

or did it? virgil abloh 3rd grade inspiration is alive in some dark places like walmart and macy’s… it turns out virgils creativity is right on par with the cutting-edge designers of “better homes and gardens” where you can buy this lovely pump, available at walmart for $8.53 (about $8 more than its worth).

buy this at walmart $19.99

or this strange object which i could not tell what it was until i read the words “trash bucket”. I have more to say especially about vetements DHL shirts and shoes, but I really have to a birthday dinner. I will proof read this tomorrow but hope you had a good laugh and if not some food for thought before you drop $1,000s dollars on the goods. by dd

this is america

this is america

by childish gambino

something funny, something real, something truthful, well seems to hit a few chord with me. donald glover aka childish gambino’s music video this is america is worth a listen and a look. by bh

forget vetements, make room for wardements!!

“take pleasure seriously…” prankster and hair stylist ward stegerhoek.

this is the man behind wardements. a brand composed of tongue-in-cheek streetwear approved by the fashion elite, from inez and vinoodh to vogue to gigi hadid to model alessandra ambrosio, toni garrn, and daphne groeneveld… wards view on taking the piss out of vetements is nothing short of total punk attitude. less self serious than vetements, his absurdity has resonated with the times like fire to a hair sprayed wig. shop wardements here at blendstories… sorry most have sold out already.

 mister ward stegerhoek above left-just behind raquel zimmermann on the cover of vogue italia.

wardements lookbook designed in the form of a deck of cards. collect all looks! brilliant design by ceft and company new york.

gigi in wardements “orange babies” hoodie.

wardements NOT juicy!

wards mugshot adorns many of the garments and here on one of the cards – sending you some love and kisses.

model daphne groeneveld sporting a wardements uber sized hoodie. much room to eat.

model georgia fowler in wardements… the line is now available at the V Magazines pop-up shop on mercer street new york or you can buy them online at the v-magazine e-shop here.

model romee strijd in wardements.

photographers inez van lamsweerde and vinoodh matadin.

model katya riabinkina in wardement RUDE XL hoodie.

follow wardements on instagram and get a couple of pieces before the first season all sells out. by xy

in honor of the persian new year here is a clip of the bygone golden days

above the 2500 year celebration party,

and now that we are on this topic; here is “the fall of the shah” about the revolution of 1979. this may also be of interest.

the deposed shah of iran had a massive party to celebrate the 2,500 years of the persian empire, inviting the heads-of-state from around the world. it was the party of the century and monarchs, and the like, hustled to insure the right seats at the table. this of course was just a few year before the revolution and the beginning of islamic republic of iran. fun little movie from BBC – documenting the 2500 year celebration of the persian heritage. happy norouz, and for the rest of you happy first day of spring. by dd

Viken Arman live

what an awesome landscape….

viken arman killing it live.. and what a location to hang and grab a drink?

of armenian heritage, viken arman is a french producer, born and raised in paris.

sorry for being lazy I have nothing much to say other that i enjoyed this clip and the music, in case you are interested about him here is a blurb not written by me: “viken arman, along with a generation of like-minded artists, is pushing the boundaries of electronic music not only towards the future, but also towards the past. fusing ancient melodies with electronic beats to create magical vibes that go beyond dance music brings rich cultures together in mystical musical journeys. growing up with jazz and classical music, he draws influence from a very versatile music background from keith jarett, erik satie, bill evans, jay dilla, ricardo villalobos to the arabic diva oum khalthoum. his knowledge of piano as well as his time at the music conservatory contributed to his wide musical culture. as an artist, viken is really close to this roots & history. «never forget, never, but stay turned towards the future, rebuild yourself and go forward» he said regarding TIME, the 100 mins musical creation he composed for the 100th year anniversary of the armenian genocide. when he’s not making music, viken focuses his energy to support and nurture this particular and rich music scene even further. he founded denature records which, as he describes it, is more than just a label but more of a family of artists. he also pledged to support young and upcoming talents from around the world as well as organizing his own events with the SOUQ festival. his music is ingrained with organic influences and reveals the passionate explorer that he embodies”. by dd

Amok Science: Did the Polio vaccine in congo created the AIDS virus?

hilary koprowski was the target of accusations in the press, an allegation long refuted by “evidence” showing that the HIV-1 virus was introduced to humans long before his polio-vaccine trials were conducted in africa. however, the “evidence” is disputed and targeted in this documentary.

polio (oral) vaccine used in belgian congo as an experiment

I must say that I’m a total supporter of vaccines, and I believe strongly in the opinion of the scientific community. but like all good things that can go astray, I do have serious concerns about the lack of honesty, greed and monetary realities of the pharmaceutical complex. it is very very possible that this was a lapse of judgement, or involved a handful of bad apples, but it had to be suppressed in order to salvage the confidence of the public, save the moral standing of the west and avoid financial disaster for the pharmaceutical companies involved. that is very plausible and this documentary by channel four surely raises those doubts and drills holes into the conclusion of the royal society. watch it, judge for yourself, but don’t form an opinion till you research this thoroughly. by dd

rihanna vs black mirror : the resemblances are uncanny!!

rihanna – love on the brain

black mirror: jessica brown-findlay – anyone who knows what love is

I was wondering why i like this song, when i simply cannot stand rihanna, i can’t help but be intrigued if they actually were influenced to do this song based on the early episode of black mirror from season 1? by dd

whoa! werner “herzog on kenya west” the world is ending


ok i was floored to hear my hero, werner herzog, would spent even a minute on kanye west, but he did, and its not what you think.


“he was impressed” i was told?

he said this video was “fascinating” and contained what he called a “parallel story” a confusion of reality and fiction, “this is very good stuff” and he said if “kenya west” would apply to his school he would consider the film maker of this clip as a student at his school… i realized at that point that my world had ended… but read on…


the video included fake wax figures of caitlyn jenner, bill crosby, kanye west, taylor swift, kim kardashian and amber rose, note that these are fake! unlike kim kardashian, caitlyn jenner and amber rose who are “totally real”.


below: artist vincent desiderio 2008 sleep painting, the inspiration for kanye’s “work of art”


now for the record here, let me clarify that herzog did not go and review this shit piece of a clip. this was shown to him for the first time by a young, eager, editor at the daily beast, jen yamato. why she works at daily beast is beyond comprehension but i suppose we all have to eat.

so here is what werner herzog “actually” said, i will now translate for you in english, so please put on your best german accent and repeat out loud…. “zanx jen for interviewing me on your shit filled celeb blog, im not very sure why i am here, but i can imagine you must be zick of covering pop culture and needed to drag me into this to zave some portion of your lost soul. but ok  lets make some converzation zince the camera is rolling… thiz iz an interesting veedeo. it delves into the realm of reality and fiction, nature and man…. and most importantly mans insanity… and his naive dezire to kontrol and deform nature… which of koze he desperately fails at… you may remember fritz geraldo? right. ok… so this is indeed a fazinating film for a young starving artists… and if he or she (cause herzog doesn’t even know about kanye) would ever apply to my zchool i may actually coinzider him/her az a student. i of course say this becauz none of the students who apply to my school can spend more zan $2 on their application films, and thiz film looks pretty damn good for a $2 film, not to menzion a young azpiring film student…”

so lets not get all excited here… herzog is in no way endorsing this self indulged, machismo inspired, naive infantile embarrassment of a work by, as he would call him, “kenya west”. ok? my world has not ended, and herzog has not blessed kanye in any way. you can all go home now. have a good weekend. by dd


Birth, fish, bubble, sex, needle, and death… have we intrigued you enough?

a beautifully curious film…

directed by cyrille de vignemont

as a music video for poni hoax (antibodies) the french electro band

featuring controversial diptych of fish/birth, needle/skin and my favorite; naked ikura! enjoy!

poni hoax antibodies music video

a beautifully curious film for an otherwise not so interesting lyrics and mediocre track. a good reminder of how great talent can make anything ordinary into something extra ordinary. the visuals are so curious they draw you in, but they are not just sensationalist fodder, they begin to align and draw parallels in your mind, the needle that begs to penetrate that floating balloon, the fish gasping for air, and saturn devouring its children… like any good piece of literature or film, what they all mean is up to interpretation, so let it all sink in. the world needs more of this and less of byonce’s silly rhetoric and infantile erotic choreography. the above clip reminds us of another great video we wrote about, perhaps one of our favorite music videos for yet another mediocre band; scissor sisters. you may want to check that out as well, your welcome to turn the sound off. by xy

here’s a film on godard written by anna about love: funny how godard only made love stories that had nothing to do with love?

louis garrel and stacy martin as jean-luc godard and anne wiazemsky

and the real GOD (ard)!

redoubtable a film about jean-luc godard by michel hazanavicius

sorry folks, but a movie on jean-luc godard to us, is like a movie about mohammad to the isis crew – we have no choice but to issue a full fatwah against the director. i’m sure we’ll have to go see it, just to rag on it. i anticipate this will be like the serge gainsbourg film “a heroic life”, which won the prestigious gold award for worse title ever… disappointing and somewhat of a shame. by ars + dd