macbook air knock off $260: what will be next?

only a few millimeters thicker than the official air

this is rather hilarious! as if the knock off vuitton and hermés bags weren’t enough, our grand financiers and palls in china have made replica macbook airs to flood the market. I mean guys, how are we supposed to pay you back all those trillions of loans if you keep knocking off our stuff?

unlike the bags your valuables inside could be erased or lost in an event of failure of its chinese craftsmanship (itself an oxymoron). while we can at times understand why some savvy people would buy a plastic (gum coated canvas) goyard bag for $100 instead of the official over rated $2000+ a mac book air is actually worth its price for its innovation and craftsmanship if not for the support of a great company. as an added bonus on this clone you will note that a classical chinese intro song has replaced the mac start up sound. funny. definitely not a recommended purchase. by cd