debbie harry – blondie: from playboy bunny to the originator of new wave

debbie was at one point a dancer at union city and a not so great playboy bunny
in the late 60’s debbie worked as a secretary at the BBC radio’s new york office
this is how they dressed at the BBC back then.
stein and harry named the band blondie after the wolf whistle men often yelled at debbie from passing cars
dirty harry: the coolest image i have ever seen of debbie harry
image by warhol:
debbie’s stage persona of streetwise, sexy, cool became so closely associated with the group’s name that many came to believe debbie’s name was “blondie”
that of course lead to partner, chris steins aggravation an to this now-collector, pin!
so beach-ynabokov’s lolita-paper back: given/signed by debbie harry and the so “innocent” brooke shields… or actually 2 savvy charlatans since there is no proof of the signatures
debbie harry at her best… love the knee pads

ok so maybe only blondie could save jersey, but even she was originally born in miami (florida) and was adopted by her to-be family in new jersey. in any case KL got us all curious now and we had to search it out. here’s the collage, or rather the barrage, of blondies retro-pix and a quote from debbie in the no exit tour book, hope you enjoy:

“hi, it’s deb. you know, when i woke up this morning i had a realization about myself. i was always blondie. people always called me blondie, ever since i was a little kid. what i realized is that at some point i became ‘dirty harry’. i couldn’t be blondie anymore, so i became dirty harry.” by xy