garance doré has had it with street photography

the french blog sensation garance doré has officially had enough of shooting random people on the street. maybe it’s a sign that the street-fashion blog phenomenon is winding down? now that brands such as burberry and DKNY have used scott schuman aka the sartorialist to shoot their campaigns, maybe the original charm is gone? the surprises have become predictable, the looks and fashion more and more the same and the endorsements too big.

as told to rebecca voigt in interview magazine’s latest issue:
“i still find people on the street, but i’ve kind of had it with street photography. at first, it was great to see fashion on someone going to work, but now there are so many pictures like that that the magic has been lost a bit. i want to take pictures that tell more of a story. there are still some very talented people who succeed in giving the sensation that each street photo is a story. but i photograph less on the street now.” -garance doré

by kv