the Vignale Maserati Mexico: 1966 coupe tipo 112

here is another one of my favorites. the maserati mexico has a good story behind it; it was never meant to be a production car. the one of a kind body was originally designed in 1964 for an “important mexican client” to include 4 seats and a powerful V8 engine. the important mexican crashed the car soon after delivery, and sent it right back to italy along with its 5000GT chasis. it was referred to, at the factory, as the “mexico” for that very reason. ironically, maserati won the mexican grand prix the following year and the model was then shown in 1965 in torino. it was so well received that a limited series were produced and released at the paris show the following year, 1966. while the car was quite fancy for the time its funny to note that, radio was an optional accessory on a maserati in 1966. this one (above specimen) has an after market unit glued to the console below the lovely toggle switches! shame. by dd