frozen kenny: south park

as some of you may know i live in a log cabin in the secluded woods of northern vermont and have not had a cable connection since i was 2. i just wanted to share my latest discovery of this show that has been playing on the television for some time apparently, and its called south park… for no specific reason. you may know about it. i was watching wes anderson’s fantastic mister fox one day and was laughing about jarvis cocker’s hillbilly tune in the film and my friend said “well that’s right out of south park”.

south park? i was intrigued, and so i watched a bunch of episodes the other day and “starvin marvin” and “the cartman robot” were quite noteworthy and profound. that said, the rest was a good pile of crap. not funny and not even gross enough (that’s if you’ve ever watched passolini’s salo) it was not really anything, just a good waste of 20 minutes. but from one complainer to another i like the fact that they basically rag on everything. they should start making plastic figures and t-shirts. they would do quite well. by dd