moonrise kingdom, an ethereal place

perhaps i am biased, but considering the amount of garbage that is forced upon us these days, wes anderson is a persistent and glorious breath of fresh air.  i was fortunate enough to see ‘moonrise kingdom’ this past weekend, and combining the effortless style and wit of all his other movies, i truly think he has perfected his craft with this one.  taking the elements of detail to an entirely new level and juxtaposing them with an unforgettable cast, anderson proves that he is truly a cinephile’s hero.  despite the wondrous performances of big name actors, suzy and sam, the star-crossed lovers and protagonists outshine all others on the screen. played by kara hayward (a pubescent margot tenenbaum) and jared gilman (a hemingway-esque noble young man) you are completely drawn to their love, its genuine intent and post-modernist determinism.  there is the languid air of an orphaned child and parental issues as in all other anderson films, but this is positively delightful.  and if you have a soul, you will want to see it immediately. by sv