ASK: Nathan Bogle – designer / model

my favorite _____ is:

villain: roy batty (blade runner)

hero: james bond

 –book: one straw revolution by masanobu fukuoka

 –smell: mountain air

 –film: lots

 –band/musician/composer: four tet/james brown/ vivaldi

 –artist: georgia o’keeffe

–city: NYC

 –restaurant/ bar: Il buco / orient express

 –hotel: banyan tree spa’s

 decade: 90’s

 –sport: football (soccer)

–advice: do whatever it takes

 –food: italian

 –historical figure: churchill

 –shop: dover street

–vice: coffee

–woman: mum

 –man: dad

 –hobby: road biking, cooking

 –prized possession: 1965 rolex air king date

way to go: orbiting the earth

nathan bogle was co-founder of rag & bone which he parted with in 2006. jardine is nathan’s latest designer launch previewed here for 2013: