hudson valley goodness


sometime between now and mid autumn, make your way out of the city and spend sometime with nature. get some fresh air and a good natural workout.

head up from grand central on the metro-north to the cold spring stop in the hudson valley and hike breakneck trail. it is both rewarding with it’s views and it’s challenges. the ‘trail’ is not for the weary. not for those who are scared of heights, not for those who are not limber, not for those who will wimp out. this one is serious but fun.

bring plenty of water, a camera or at least your phone, some protein and fruits to snack on (plenty of places to do a beautiful picnic even.) wear good sneakers with traction or hiking footwear with good thick socks. wear sunscreen and bug repellent. sunglasses optional but on a sunny day a good, secure pair will prevent a nice eyeball sunburn ( thats a real thing.) bring a small first aid kit in-case of any scrapes from the rock faces you’re about to beast. bring someone who is going to love it as much as you.

some stats:

the scenery- unreal and picturesque on a clear day

difficulty- 10 out of 10

highlights- insane views, incredibly steep trail, rock scrambling

distance- 3.7 – 4.0 mile loop

approximate roundtrip time- 4 hours

total ascent- 1,442 feet


my personal experience: i came off that trail feeling entirely accomplished, healthy, and clear minded. then i had a beer to reward myself for kicking my ass that hard on a sunday.

good luck and if you get around to discovering this hike, please share your experience in our comments section of this post!


sources ( and thank you to ) hike the hudson valley, new york state parks by pl