alejandro iñárritu: the revenant, complete with buffalo carpaccio


the revenant: buffalos, indians, and the great planes… sign me up!

based on a novel by michael punke

this guy, leo carpaccio, is not  a favorite of ours but when pickings in hollywood are so slim he will have to do. like johnny depp he has tried his best to avoid the horrendous film scripts he and johnny took on at the early part of their careers. plus working with martin scorsese did win him some accolades from us as well. here again he is teaming up with a great director, alejandro g. iñárritu (tier 2) aiming to do something worthy. and look at that music by ryuichi sakamoto!!!! (long time no see). we’re sure this will not be an epic film to hold up, like say “aguirre wrath of god”, but as far as entertainment goes, this could be a good potential. i’m bummed as i can’t find the original trailer i saw, with buffalos and a horse dropping down a major cliff in the end (anyone? links?), but this will have to do. its worth waiting for on DVD or netflix if you ask me…. we only go the cinema to support our favorite directors (lynch, JLG, wes anderson, herzog, etc). by xy