most amazing country house upstate new york by wojr architects


“your country cottage has just landed”


its all about glass, glass, glass


darth vader will be welcomed


this house was clearly made to sit in the snow, just remember that flat roofs often leak


renders? the glass is suspiciously one “piece-ed”



two homes, created for two brothers


that bike comes in handy in this snow


nice but a bit too obvious and trendy… the usual suspect prouvé lamp and chairs : (


a litte paragraph from the horses mouth: “the agricultural development of the land between the two houses separates them visually (to varying degrees depending on season) while linking them inextricably, both infrastructurally and communally.” you gotta love architects. i can’t understand a word in the last part of that sentence!

that said architecture studio WOJR designed ‘twins’, a site located in upstate new york that consists of two geometric buildings facing each other. created for two brothers, the two houses feature different shapes, a hexagon and a four-sided polygon, yet both are built from the same five structural components. additionally, the homes are linked to each other through an underground piping system for water supply and the like. beautiful and enviable all the same. love it. by dd