lesson 101 in reaganomics: who was the worse U.S. presidents to increase the debt

you’ve probably seen this but just in case you haven’t… mind numbing!! (for all you doubters source of the info is from the treasury department!) “reagan proved deficit doesn’t matter?” oh really? why were we celebrating him as the best president during Bush? i thought the republicans were so careful of spending our hard earned money, they are usually so kind they stand-up, on our behalf, against those bad democrats who try to raise taxes on us poor folks. looks like, maybe some of these commercials you see are laced with false information, and just maybe, fox news isn’t so “fair and balanced” after all. oh lord, i always looked up to our preachers and politicians for my moral values, such as how to treat my neighbors or advice on marital issues until those bad presidents and priests all got busted getting blow jobs, some from little boys, others by fat unattractive girls. now it seems we can’t even trust the news anymore. what is next lord? a president that will put the well being of corporations above that of its citizens? source by xy