ever after- nick cave

“i want to provide transitional experiences…a moment of silence, and at the same time asking, ‘come out with me and play'”– nick cave

reminded of his solo exhibition ‘ever after’, at the jack shainman gallery in chelsea nyc. ‘mating season’ is an encounter of white haired, boyish bunny figures suggesting a sublime play of fornication, placed in multiple positions. by am

double take

when i was younger and sometimes made double exposures by accident, i always thought it was really cool. unfortunately, mine never looked as good as these. artwork by pakayla biehn. by wn

ei cunt hear ya

no shit >>> that’s ’cause i threw away my computer and i’m going in for a month of silent meditation away from all of ya >>> if you hear of me it will be through may pals >>> but i guess they wont hear me for a month. penned in by dd but its really by bh

inga rumpf: Schade um die Tränen

time for some german rock!  here’s inga rumpf (beim deutschen schlager-wettbewerb) in berlin in 1968. if you don’t know her, you can look up the city preachers her original band. this album under her name, is really great especially the cover of waterboy and i’m on my way. not sure how i ended up buying it but i’m glad i did. for my dear friend frank. danke. by dd