1964 The Porsche Carrera GTS 904: Possibly the most beautiful Porsche

carrera slotcars to release the porsche GTS 904 for the 50th anniversary celebration

only a total of 106 mid engine 904’s were produced between 1964 and 65 with a price tag of just $7,245 (wish you had bought one!).  even that low number was due to racing rules which required a minimum of 100 examples to be built in order to qualify for the GT class. the car was designed by ferdinand porsche’s grandson, ferdinand alexander porsche (also the designer of the 911). porsche achieved its fifth victory on 26 april 1964 with the production 904 at the targa florio. antonio pucci and colin davis snatched victory ahead of yet another 904. other wins include lemans, and 2nd place at the monte carlo rally. by dd