wanna be an artist?

1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with art

51% of kids wanna grow up and become a rock star, the other 49% go to art school and wanna be in the “creative field”. it’s the easiest cop-out in history, cause it’s “cool” and seems fun and easy enough. the bonus is you can brag to your friends about what you do, and you can finally justify that stupid outfit you’ve been wearing. with all of that who would want to become a scientist? that sounds hard, if not outright boring! until the time comes when you actually have to “be” a real artist, and 98% of that 49% go crying back to their mommies and beg for their boo boo bunnies. the other 1% drift in-and-out of art rehab and the last 1% actually become what they wanted to be. so listen up kids, being an artist sucks. it’s damn hard, it takes commitment, passion and 110% of what you probably don’t have. if perchance you do have all of that, very few ever make any money at it. so basically, go back and study to become a banker, or a business man. your mom and dad will surely be pleased. by ht