the knife vs. nick cave: pass this on or aka 15 feet of pure white snow



pass this on… one of our old time favorite songs by swedish band the knife. we were actually just talking about the norwegian band röyksopp and how i never really loved their music that much, except maybe the track “the drug”, or “what else is there” which ironically features the lead singer from the knife. so then we looked up “pass this on” and from there i was saying how this video was inspired by master of ceremonies himself… mister nick cave, and his amazing video which we had posted in the past; 15 feet of pure white snow featuring britpop prince, jarvis cocker on the dance floor…  i saw it necessary to insure we post this and link it to the old post on nick cave and leave it to you to judge the rest. but the similarity and style of the two videos are impossible to miss. see for yourself. ok… happy friday and good weekend, good vibes, positive thinking, sunshine, bubble gum and all that prozac crap… sorry someone told me today to be positive, so i’m doing my best. by dd