this is calming


surfing at 1000 frames per second. all images were shot using the phantom flex, phantom miro m-320s and the new phantom 4k flex with arri ultra prime lenses and chris bryan films custom underwater housing’s. by lb

who needs snow to ski: candide thovex for audi


candide thovex ski on no snow

if you do an ad that is actually not about your product but rather about something truly interesting, then you have a chance for people to see it and share it. and in the end, you win, as they may like you for being a part of that experience. we will take that over an ad that spends time trying to convince you that one brand of luxury car is better than the next. by lz

The Memories Come Back in Waves




“john severson’s surf” is a book that presents the languid-meets-extreme-thrills lifestyle of surfing through paintings and vivid photography. while his were among the first surf movies, it was the posters associated with them, hugely popular when issued in the 1950s and 1960s, that remain collector favorites today. showcased in these early posters, his graphic skills translated easily to surfer magazine which he founded in 1960. the magazine was the first to celebrate and revolutionize the art and sport of surfing, establishing it as a powerful pop culture phenomenon.

severson expanded his career to include photography, with photographs appearing in life, sports illustrated, paris match and other print venues. the first issue was a 36-page collection of black-and-white photos, cartoon sketches and short articles—almost every aspect of which was created by severson himself. as the magazine grew in popularity, so did his graphic work and paintings. by lb

candide thovex: just one of those days

this is just one of those days… when it is this cold you might as well be in the snow chomping on some freeskiing. this gets us in the mood to move some powder. now talk about insane skiing, candide thovex puts everyone else in a bag with this video. i’m still sitting here geeking out on the shot at 0:17 and how the hell they did that. the view is a self portrait of thovex’s done as a POV but there is no camera visible in the mirror, then the goggles come over the camera lens… of course after a few hours of some serious head-scratching i think i figured it out, and what they really did was pretty plain and simple… a smart cheap camera trick if you will, but a good one… the mirror i reckon is tilted to the side and the hands in the frame are actually not the hands of candide, but the DP… now it seems obvious you say, but so does the invention of the wheel, no? in any case this dude was born in annecy, france and wet his paws on the french alps. hes one damn good skier. take a peek but do not try this at home, especially if you live on mount fuji, chamonix, mérida, K2, or olympus mons (mars).  by ars

80’s VHS skateboard decks by 5 boro

taking it back to the 80’s with 5 boro’s new VHS deck series. each deck is designed referencing classic blank VHS tape sleeves we all used to film shit on. they did a killer job in retrofitting the 5 boros name into sony, NYC into VHS and so on. you can tell a designer with an eye for detail was involved. this gives supreme skateboards artist series a run for their money. well done boys. worth the work… buy some now. by xy

nick tucker: primitive gold skate deck

riddin on gold, its so ghetto… but i want it

damn d we missed out on these!! solid gold it aint but sold out it is… nick tucker’s limited edition primitive gold skate deck made with 7 ply maple and topped with gold foil. you can ride wall street with this shit… now don’t tell anyone but it was priced at $54.95 and if you called now you’d get a pair of gold teeth to go with it. that’s cool… no matter if you get it or not. jeff koons would be proud. by dd

marble surfboards: mollusk, spaulings, hayden cox or alexander wang?

above: surf art not fashion

“the marble surfboards above were part of the belgian marbles show produced by the reena spaulings gallery; made of marble, they are precise copies of boards from the mollusk surf shop in brooklyn. spaulings is with an international group of artists who call themselves the bernadette corporation; the collective has produced films, a faux fashion label, albums, even a novel.” the surf boards are just a hobby on the side.

above: fashion not surf art

“haydenshapes founder hayden cox, has taken the artful practice and elevated it even further with a recent collaboration with fashion designer alexander wang.” hmmm im perhapse too lazy to research this given its god damn winter, but is this one-and-the-same? or some blatant rip-off festival?

adidas skateboard stan smith



did you know the grip on the stan smiths was based on snake skin?


and who knew? i had no idea stan smith had anything to do with skateboarding, let alone the gonz (mark gonzales) 

here’s a new take on the classic adidas stan smith. i suppose you can make it any color, and it will still be cool. love the two-tone grip sole, and personally, i think i’d take this over pharrell’s m+m color line. by dd

endless summer


just when we thought summer was over in new york, we have staggering temperatures into september, it definitely feels like an endless summer, and it makes us want to catch that wave one more time. by kt

Aaron “jaws” Homoki

aaron "jaws" homoki lands a huge ollie

our knees ache just from watching this. how long will jaws be the undisputed king of impact? it’s just mind blowing. by na