photographer sam haskins: exhibit at milk gallery

the unaffordable original issue of cowboy kate book by sam haskins that was almost impossible to find is now available in a reissue “directors cut” edition
if you happened to be one of the few lucky ones to make it there at the right time, you would have had the chance to meet sam and take home a signed issue.

the highlight of my day, that day, was indeed the chance of of meeting sam haskins at his show. the exhibit at milk studio was very good but unfortunately not as great as his work indeed is.

that is of course my personal opinion. the small diptychs created did not do the images justice. sam’s pictures are so amazing and simple they deserve to stand alone and in large, large, large, wall paper size formats. of course space is the key issue in nyc and i’m sure that had something to do with it. the exhibits prints were rather small making you feel like you were going through a printed book (what is the point when you can buy the book?).

that night i met sam and his son and his grandson. extremely kind and graceful. sam unfortunately had suffered a stroke recently and was not in top condition yet he was pleased to see so many young fans at the opening and happy to talk and sign my book. by dd