we love japan: Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 bag $10

its not so much that we love the design, but we love the idea and the bag itself feels and is quite special. everyone should have at least of of these, 1- you’ll be supporting a great nation with so much to admire, 2- you’ll be sporting an item blessed by yohji with out dropping thousands, 3-this is no typical canvas bag, there is coating/treatment on the fabric that makes the material feel quite special and nice, 4- its made in u.s.a., 5- it’s only $10… only disadvantage is how much of that could possibly be going to japan as the bag itself feels like a $60 item already. that said head down to the Y3 store, at 92 greene st, between prince and spring in soho and grab one for your next grocery visit. by bh