fashion is so senseless and shallow… unless you’re one of the three… or maybe four

waris ahluwalia and threeasfour designer gabi

threeasfour designer adi gil with her usual “naughty” smile

sean lennon and the lovely charlotte kemp

patterns by threeasfour using a range of religious icons

patterns patterns patterns

threeasfour angel… designer angela

photographer, amazing artist, and fabulous cook, mark borthwick with threeasfour designer gabi

the show unfortunately did include a few models!!

yoko ono who had in the past collaborated with threeasfour

our good friends, the vanguard designers of threeasfour did what they always do best. create a show that will at least draw your attention to something worthy, something beyond your selfish extravagances. something that is effecting us all. the show was about one such region: the middle east. some have accepted violence and rancor as the inevitable conclusion when disparate ethnic and religious groups come together. but threeasfour is living proof it’s not—among them, they represent an israeli, a lebanese, and a russian, all of different backgrounds, who have come together to create. may the next generation have more of these than ours. photo credits tamara weber. by xy