glen luchford and beyond: gucci FW2017 campaign

image from gucci FW2017 campaign by photographer/director glen luchford

richard carlson, julia adams: the creature from the black lagoon

gucci and beyond fall winter 2017 campaign – star-trek

at the controls

star-trek cosmic beauties

gucci FW2017 glasses – green paint optional

glen of glenda? more like vulcan…

and here’s a clip from the master that won us over, this definitely wants to be a motion campaign and not a still…

the cat is so awesome, and the camera shakes, on the floor amazing… we want to see more please

a few of our selects from gucci’s creative director alessandro michele’s fall collection

can not think of a better person to shoot this piece of work than our beloved, sir glen luchford. what a massively fun shoot and it surely shows. the fun and the joy of putting this together comes right through to the finished work, and what a breath of fresh air in our dusty commercialized and lifeless world of fashion advertising. this loving homage to kitsch sci-fi horror films and bygone days of late night TV, stands the hell out from everything that is out there. much credit is due to art director, christopher simmonds, which i reckon dreamed up the initial idea (with glen perhaps) and sold it in to gucci’s creative director, alessandro michele. again the work is only as good as a client lets you create, so credits to you all, but no one could have pulled this off to our satisfaction like glen. aside from his early prada campaign this is for sure the next favorite. proof that LA doesn’t ruin everything that touches it after all. a big ballsy statement for gucci who was suffering some downturns. this will definitely help the top tier take notice, but good luck selling these clothes. (just watch, everyone will be walking down broadway in no time sporting star-trek outfits). much love… by cm

balenciaga vs. ikea

ikea/balenciaga homage. its a gas… but two thumbs up to those who “bite the hand that feeds them”. its pretty punk of demna gvasalia especially for a georgian who studied in antwerp! this is a TOTAL fuck you to all rich people. and we love it for that idea, but no clue if that is indeed even close to what demna had in mind? more like something from tobias wong R.I.P!!!  by xy

handcraft your fetish


fleet ilya leather fox mask


fleet ilya leather cage harness photographed by rita minissi


fleet ilya leather hand craft technique in video segment


fleet ilya leather half web corset


fleet ilya leather cross back bra photographed by rita minissi


hand crafted fetish is the founding aesthetic of the leather accessory collection named fleet ilya.  artist rita minissi’s explored the collection through her photographic lens in the images above.  one can view more of this project as well as rita minissi’s complete body of work on instagram thingspowerthemselves.   some of the traditional saddle making techniques used to produce fleet ilya are artfully revealed in this black and white video.  by jj

gucci: common people take on the harder they come

 gucci 2017 pre fall campaign by photographer glen luchford

long version – directors cut of the clip

brilliant casting by shay nielsen (malick sidibe),

“i wanna live like common people (the ones who can afford gucci that is)”

love this retro fun shoot for gucci – knowing glen and his interests i can see references from perry henzell “the harder they come,” jarvis cocker’s pulp video choreography, rockers and glen luchford basic brilliance. well done glen, new direction for you, but  you can make anything look good son. by uh

she’s back





cara-delevingne-puma-ambassador-7    cara-delevingne-puma-ambassador-8

she’s back and she’s the newly appointed ambassador for puma… i was never a huge fan but i guess this works, for a photoshoot outside of katz’s deli of a girl walking a dog. not too sure what this has to do with puma and their new ‘do you’ campaign, maybe i’m missing something, or maybe it’s ‘fashion’. by lb

Alber Elbaz baring his sweet soul

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.05.24 AM

this monologue is not new, but is still so relevant. it expresses the man’s feelings, and attempts to expose the dilemma of the business of creative consumption in our contemporary world. exploring the trouble with the business infrastructure loosing worship of the creative that feeds it’s very existence. i am not a fashion designer, but it works for so many realms of creatives, this monologue reminds me to reassess what i love about what i do, what i should work with, against, for, etc. by kl

the true cost: an every-season essential


“the true cost” the movie: know what your cheap clothes, that you don’t need, are doing to this world

true cost fashion documentary movie trailer

behind the scenes with director andrew morgan explaining why he was led to make the  documentary film “the true cost”

yes this is an older film but i just saw it. a great movie for anyone in the fashion, design, advertising community but also for anyone who is a consumer of cheap things, from H&M, to gap, to zara, to forever 21. you will be thinking twice before you buy yet another item you don’t need. “in reality they are making us, and this world poor, yet giving us the illusion of being rich, by offering us cheap things we don’t need at cost we truly don’t understand“… a must see. by kl

gucci 2016 campaign by glen luchford vs nick cave and jarvis cocker fifteen feet of pure white snow


gucci’s 2016 video ad campaign shot by photographer glen luchford

Nick-Cave-jarvis-cocker-Fifteen-Feet Of-Pure-White-Snow

nick cave and jarvis cocker – fifteen feet of pure white snow

this nick cave video is a favorite of ours. not only the song and the lyrics are incredible, but so is the video and then there is the bonus of spotting jarvis cocker in the crowd just before they pull off what appears to be a signature jarvis stint (think back to pulp and common people group dance sequence). the gucci peace is not as great as nick caves video of course but yes we do like the references mister luchford. by dd