TS down: debbie harry / ddos / anonymous / reddit / blondie

as you may have noticed, ts went down for over a day last week, and we shuffled about trying to figure out what had happened. the servers were throttling out of control and ts was being hit by over 9,000 simultaneous hits every 15 min and kept going up. it was pretty clear it was a ddos attack, or so we thought. that is to say, hackers who hijack numerous computers across the globe (possibly yours) as zombie modules and then send a code at any given time for all units to connect to a specific url, crashing the servers. this is of course what anonymous did to master-card and the CIA websites taking them down temporarily… but of all places in the world, who would bother attack ts? after all we actually like hackers much better than slackers. it was a puzzle, but after hours of digging around to locate source, traffic, pages, setting up cloud flair, requiring browser checks, and switch-limiting ts to specific IP addresses we discovered that someone had kindly posted a link from ts onto the “social media outlet” reddit and all that drama was simply reddit’s overzealous readers:

one of the comments read: “it looks like they (TS) are doing browser checks now because they think they’re getting DDoS’d. damn, reddit.”

hell of a following you got mister “noneed2powertrip”! now you ask what link? it was the debbie harry playboy pics go figure, but don’t crash us again… by ts