Monogamy is for Narcissists

“love has little to do with sex, and sex has nothing to do with love”

i think the discussion today warrants such a post. “monogamy is for narcissists”. these were the wise words of james brown… not the god-father of soul, lord bless his sex machine, but actually a good friend of mine who aint’ funky nor black. i didn’t need to research to conclude my philosophy on this which is basically that the taboo of sex is not only as absurd as god itself, like god its purely man-made. it serves to mask what we call “jealousy” and insecurity, both of which are unfortunate bodily-functions, that should at best be kept in the privacy of a bathroom. “the taboo of sex”s most useful function to date has been to sell us everything from lipstick, to clothes, to cars, to bras, to drinks, botox and cigarettes. almost every product has been marketed at one point or another with the promise of what should otherwise be prevalent, like the air we breath. but for all you obedient folks that will not dare question this, here’s a bit of research:

excerpts – “… today couples are led to believe that waning sexual passion, in enduring marriages, or sexual interest in anyone but their partner, portend a failed relationship, when in reality these things often signify nothing more than that we are simply humans or homo sapiens. our ancestors evolved in small-scale, highly egalitarian foraging groups that shared almost everything. anthropologists have demonstrated time and again that immediate-return hunter-gatherer societies are nearly universal in their so-called “fierce egalitarianism.” sharing is not just encouraged; it’s mandatory. most foragers divide and distribute food equitably, breast-feed one another’s babies, have little or no privacy from one another, and depend upon each other every day for survival. monogamy is simply un-natural to our being, and while we can choose what we wish, just as we can choose to be vegans, we can decide to lead sexually monogamous lives. but couples would be wise to remember that just because you’ve chosen to be vegan, it’s utterly natural to yearn for an occasional bacon cheeseburger.” christopher ryan  by xy